Megan Fox Armani Ad: Hubba. Hubba.

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Sometimes, simple is sexy.

One of those times? When Megan Fox is at the center of a commercial, alternating between black lingerie and no top at all.

Such is the treat men are in for in this vixen's latest Armani ad. The actress and tennis star Rafael Nadal are the hot bodied spokespeople for this brand's spring clothing campaign, but it's Fox's lack of clothing that captures our attention in the video below. Watch it now, but be careful:

Drool can damage one's keyboard...


This still doesn't make up for "Jennifer's Body" PU!!


She got into her head a long time ago that you can only make it in Hollywood by looking the way she does. Unfortunately, she forget to also be an actress and is only eye candy now. There was nothing absolutely nothing wrong with her face that she needed plastic surgery. I think she just has a low self-esteem and these adds are an ego trip for her. But acting wise, she is done in that department. And it says a lot about her that she idolizes Marilyn Monroe. A lot of people do no know this but Marilyn was really smart, like genius smart. But she got it in her head that people only liked her because she was beautiful and nothing more. So of course freaked out at 36 and killed herself or the government had her killed cuz of ol Johnny boy.
Hope Megan's doesn't end the same.


not sexy at all, looks like a crackhead


I don't think she looks sexy at all. Physique wise, not all that attractive and quite frankly, you can see how she had her lips puffed and they look TERRIBLE. She look better back in her first Transformer movie days.


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