Lisa Vanderpump Feels Bad for Camille Grammer

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Prior to her stint on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Camille Grammer was solely known for posing in Playboy and appearing in a few softcore porn flicks.

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    I do indeed feel for Camille - She was made to look awful by Kyle who is very agressive and abusive and it came through.
    Taylor is ALSO extremely nasty to Kim AND Kyle allows it. - she is also a very angry person. Camille aqnd Kim were very nice to everyone but get verbal abuse when they stand up for themselves and the moment they didnt do what Kyle wanted, she attacked
    Team Kim and Team Camille!!!


    Hold on a minute, shouldn't the housewife who tried to beat up her sister in a homicidal rage in the back of a limo on national tv be the Most Hated Housewife ever??? Hmmm....bravo??? Duh?


    To Samantha...and Vile Kyle bought her backup bitch, planet of the apes faced Faye Redneck...whose desperately trying to get on the show. Publicity whore who sold out her murdered "friend" by writing a book and posing nude for Playboy and latching onto D list socialites. TASTEFUL, Kyle? I think not.


    Losa Vanderpump should "feel bad" for the poor, wretched, bald little dog that she tortures by dressing in ridiculous outfits and parading around like a prop. Can you imagine how torturous those horrible fabrics and bejeweled collars are on his itchy skin??? You can see the pain in Giggy's eyes, and he seems drugged up. The ASPCA should step in. Nor did Losa "feel bad" for poor Kim who was abused the whole season..she engaged in it by trying to suck up to the Vile One like the stupid, insipid fool that she is. Her Brit affectations and accent are annoying because she plays them to the hilt...DAHHHHLINNGS!!!


    The cruelty displayed by Kyle Richards in this installment of RH was horrifying. It was outright emotional and mental abuse of Kim..culminating in attempted physical assault!!! Why hasn't someone stepped in to protect Kim?!?!? I cannot believe Kim's children partake in Kyle implied that they go to her instead of Kim for advice, etc. What kind of a monster would alienate a mother from her own children? KYLE VYLE, that's who. I seriously hope someone steps in for Kim in this situation. It is very distressing and alarming to watch. It is outright abuse and defamation of character.


    Dear Again,

    I noticed how nice Camille was to Kim and that Kim was the only one to thank Camille for having them over. Also when Alisson insuinuated that Mauricio would never fulfill Kyle, Camille grabbed her arm and said "I don't see that". Glad they showed the recuts.

    Kyle just wanted to make trouble and was NOT there for peace. Of course neither was Alisson but Camille did not tell Alisson to say that stuff.

    Camille rocks :)

    Kyle had us fooled, she's a mean bully.


    Misleading headline Vile Kyle and Traylor Trash Armstrong are now the most hated. Many people have embraced Camille. She was gracious and apologized to Kyle, who couldn't even accept it.

    Team Camille! She rocks and is a survivor !!!


    Lisa I find to be a generous person to those in need, I dont think she'd give you the time of day if you didn't have any money. That I think is tasteless. But Camille takes the cake on the backstabbing bitch that she really is. I would put money on it her and Nick are having an affair and have been for sometime. After this season I hope his wife truley sees whats going on there. The only thing Camille saw in Kelsey was his money and the attention she got being with him. Lets get real. Kyle I think could be a good friend or your worst enemy depending on the situation. She uses her sister whos married to Rick Hilton for her claim to fame. Kim she does need some kind of help for alchol or rx meds. Adrienne shes level headed and I think her to be a bit snobby.


    Thanks John..Gay and Proud! You said it beautifully. There is Bravo-ized spin going on to protect Kyle but it's growing beyond their control. Kyle is the most hated housewife ever. Ugly, ugly soul. Don't respect Lisa or Taylor either --they were her backup bitches. Wish they all would be prosecuted for their emotional cruelty to Kim that was so angering to watch. Kyle is to sisterhood what Michael Vick is to dog ownership.


    Patti - you have it backwards. Lisa is the one who is sly. Camilles garbage is out there in the open and she apologized for it. But Lisa is the one who very slyly helped Kyle bully, ridicule and humiliate her sister. Lisa and Kyle are a couple.

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