Lindsay Lohan to D.A.: Take Your Plea Bargain and Shove It!

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As expected and as reported earlier, Deputy D.A. Danette Meyers made a plea bargain offer to Lindsay Lohan's lawyer in chambers this morning.

That offer was six month in jail. Lindsay passed.

Judge Keith Schwartz said in court that he had a feeling her attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley would pass on the D.A.'s offer. He was correct.

Courtroom Cleavage

COURT CLEAVAGE: Lindsay in business attire. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Lindsay Lohan told a confidant after leaving the courtroom that she will not cop a plea in her grand theft case, and that she's prepared to go to trial.

Accused of boosting a $2,500 necklace, the train wreck said bluntly, "I didn't steal" and made it clear she won't accept a plea that involves ANY jail.

Steadfast as she is, this may be an uphill battle. Here's why ...

Some experts are sure she is going to jail no matter what, as her preliminary hearing and probation violation case will be heard at the same time.

Lindsay is on probation for her 2007 DUI arrest, and has run afoul of that probation numerous times as it is. That's where she really has problems.

A jury has to convict her unanimously beyond reasonable doubt. A judge can simply revoke probation if he or she believes she violated the terms.

Basically, at the end of the preliminary hearing, if the judge feels it's likely she stole the necklace, Lindsay can be put in jail while awaiting trial.

Even if Lindsay fights the theft charge and is ultimately found not guilty, she'll still be sitting in jail for a probation violation if the judge says so.

That said, there's no way she's avoiding jail.

Look for Holley to keep pushing a deal and have her plead guilty or no contest, then hope the judge gives Lindsay less than six months somehow.

Honestly, it's hard to see a way in which she doesn't do time. At least if the legal system wants to look itself in the mirror with any self-respect.

What's your take on the Lohan case?


Two places you should aways dress up for..... church and court, and I'd say one of the two places she doesn't have to worry about. Have some respect girl!


Sorry, Lindsay Lohan is nothing but a white hot mess... Such a shame because she could have had a pretty decent career as an actress... What a shame she had to become yet another Hollywood Child Actor Cliche... Oh, and nice parenting by the way, Mr. & Mrs. Lohan... maybe if you weren't so concerned about how much money YOU might get from your daughter's career, maybe she'd still have one...


i was just about to say that "monkey"
doesnt she own a bra? is that why she stole some jewelry coz she needs to buy bras?


Fucking wear a bra already!! Don't you know that your boobs will sag even more DUMB BITCH but we already knew that huh?


Judging by the way she dressed for court, I can see she still is enjoying the attention & doesn't understand the seriousness of her own behavior. When found guilty by her peers, I hope she's happy that she decided not to own up to her actions & accept a plea deal.


I happened to be home today and caught the hearing on TV. The Judge said he will not accept a plea deal that does not involve jail time. He looked right at her and told her she will be going to jail. I thought he said if by the next hearing she does not accept a deal and it goes to trial she will be remainded on that day. Don't see her getting out of it.


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