Lindsay Lohan Theft Case: About That Probation ...

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Is Lindsay Lohan doubly screwed after being busted for grand theft?

That's a possibility, given that she was on probation anyway for her DUI, and that her probation standing was shaky even before her recent felony arrest.

Lohan may avoid jail, but it's far from a lock. Even if the grand theft charges were dropped completely, a judge could revoke Lindsay's DUI probation.

Lindsay Lohan Fur Coat

FUR REAL: LiLo could go to jail either way. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

The judge in the probation case can hold a hearing, sans jury, and has the sole power to decide if Lindsay ran afoul of her probation and take it away.

In a criminal case, the D.A. must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In a probation violation case, the judge has all the power and more leeway.

Sources connected with the D.A.'s office say prosecutors could ask for a year in jail if the judge decides Lindsay violated the terms of her probation.

Chances are, there's a case to be made that she has done so.

Judge Elden Fox in Beverly Hills, who's lost patience with Lohan and revoked her probation before, would be the one making the call too. Not good.


IF Lindsay were lesbian (which she isn't, not really), that wouldn't harm her career because straight men *love* lesbian fantasies; it's gay men they can't cope with. There are a lot of out lesbians (real ones) working in Hollywood. Lohan's sexuality isn't what's keeping her from getting work. It's her addictions, her immaturity, and her reckless irresponsible behavior...not to mention her ongoing legal problems. She seems determined to earn herself a lengthy stay in a cell and sooner or later, some judge who really knows the law is going to oblige her. I just hope it happens before she climbs into a car, drunk and stoned, plows into another car or three, and kills people.


@freespirit: Her sexual orientation WILL have something to do with her failure to recover her career. How many Hollywood producers do you seriously think are out there that that want to cast a gay girl as a straight girl in a $50 mill to $100 million dollar film? How many states across the world have legalised gay marriage? Not many. So what does that tell you about the majority of audience's opinions on gays when they go to watch films? If gay actors were accepted, then why have so many of the so called gay actors never come out publicly, even though they clearly are gay? Well, it's because it would kill their careers.
This isn't my personal opinion. I think love is love, and as human beings, we shouldn't be told who we can and can't love. But the cold hard reality is that in Hollywood, this can't be accepted due to the nature of the audience's opinions. And it's the audience that brings in the money.


To no name: I agree. She will recover in God's time and that time will be spent in a prison cell, away from all the hurtful things that people can say but also away from all the hurtful things that she can do to others. That is justice.


didn't yo ma tell you if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say it.Let's be kind and supportive to our own humankind,she's just a lovely person who needed help with sustain abused.there are plenty of people with alcohol what if she is one of them.she'll learn and recover in god's time.but it is easier without ignorance comments would be cool.have some dignity people stop seeing all the negative and pointing out at people,be loving,stop hating.god didn't put us here for that.


@notorious in case you missed it there are quite a few gay actors out there. Lindsay likely will not have a career again but her sexual orientaion has nothing to do with it.


I love how all the media makes out Judge Elden Fox to be some kind of bad ass judge who is always going to throw the book at Lindsay, when in an actual fact, does nothing but slap her wrist each and every time.
Lindsay has proven quite a few things during her fall from grace:
1) She is far beyond ever having a legitimate career ever again, particularly after hooking up with the Loser Of All Losers, Samantha Ronson. Nobody in Hollywood wants to touch a gay actor, particularly one with so many flaws as Lindsay.
2) The legal system is a joke.
3) Judge Elden Fox is about as ruthless as a hamster.
4) Celebrities, particularly Lohan, are indeed, above the law.


Lmao @ "GET THIS LOOK" Walk into a club, stick your jacket into your purse, and steal someone else's $12,000 fur coat.


I believe you will find that probation has already been revoked. That's what the extra $20,000 bail was for on Feb. 9. So the stage is set. She need not dress up ... an orange jump suit will do.


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