Lindsay Lohan Necklace Caper: Criminal Charge and Probation Violation Likely

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Lindsay Lohan could be in for a world of hurt after the LAPD forwards the file on her alleged jewelry heist over to the D.A.'s Office later today.

Sources close to the LAPD investigation say the case against her is "strong." One goes farther, saying that criminal charges being filed is "likely."

In addition to the seriousness of this offense on its own merit, there's the additional complication brought about by her existing probation.

Wipe That Grin Off

SO SCREWED: Jail could be a-callin' for LiLo after this stunt.

If you missed it, a shop owner in Venice, Calif., filed a police report accusing Lohan of stealing a necklace, valued at $2,500-plus, from her store.

Evidence: Surveillance footage of Lindsay wearing the necklace in the store and a photo of her wearing the one-of-a-kind necklace a week later.

Oh, and one of her "associates" turning it over to the cops this morning. In short, she's royally screwed without one heck of an excuse/lawyer.

As far as her probation is concerned, Lohan visited the L.A. County Probation Department in Santa Monica today for a sit-down with her P.O.

LiLo is on wafer-thin ice as the necklace ganking could be a felony and grounds to violate her probation, which probably means time in jail.

Guess they don't treat shoplifting compulsions at Betty Ford. 

We will keep you posted on how the authorities proceed with the case, as well as what excuse the troubled star attempts to use this time.

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Ummmmm I used to feel sorry for her, but alas that time has passed.


Uhhhh.... can we say STUPID???


pity her? please. this woman has every advantage in the world. how 'bout pitying the people who deserve it: the starving of africa and elsewhere; the poor and jobless of the middle east amidst terror and violence--people who are trying their best and can't overcome the odds against them. lohan? she doesn't deserve any pity, and she's already gotten more breaks than she deserves. she's got money, lawyers, influential friends. she stole the necklace and has been caught red-handed. nobody forced her to do this. pity in her case is misplaced.


What a dumbass. I was feeling sorry for her.., but honestly.. she needs to get a brain and smarten the hell up.


Pity this young women throwing away her life. Lindsey does not make any good choices or decisions. She does not have family nor friends who will encourage her to make better choices.