Lindsay Lohan to Be Charged With Grand Theft

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Lindsay Lohan's excuse for walking out of a jewelry store with a piece the owner says she ripped off was that the store let her borrow the thing on loan.

The store basically called BS on that, saying they don't just loan stuff out. There are insurance requirements and lots of paperwork required beforehand.

Apparently the L.A. County District Attorney agrees with the owner. Sources say that officials will soon file felony grand theft charges against Lindsay.

Bad Bandit

Lindsay's freedom in the great necklace caper is riding on her claim that the Venice, Calif., jewelery store owner loaned her the $2,500 necklace in question.

Proving that might be a tough task, but proving she's lying may be equally difficult for the accuser and D.A.'s office. Especially if someone else signed for it.

But the simple fact that surveillance video from the store shows LiLo with the necklace and photos of her wearing it a week later were enough for the D.A.

If convicted, Lindsay faces a maximum of three years in state prison.

Can she beat the wrap on this? It will all depend on what happened at the store, or more accurately, how much of what happened the store can prove.

According to a Lohan source, she doesn't fill out diddly when she "borrows" necklaces ... she leaves that to her people, or so pals of the star are saying.

Lindsay is telling friends ... "I don't deal with things like that" and blowing it off as a "misunderstanding." But there's one issue with the "on loan" theory.

When she figured it out, why didn't she just return it to the store instead of sending an underling to the LAPD, just as they were ready to raid her place?

That's what law enforcement likely isn't buying.


Wow what a dumb bitch. This cunt just doesnt learn does she. Well if that shit in the rehab didnt violate her probation this is sure going to. What a dumb ass. If convicted i think the judge is gonna lay the hammer on her. She isnt gonna get off light on this one. Shes gonna find out realy quick that theres consequences for the retarded shit she does. Why the fuck would you steal jewelry from a place when you could have easily bought it. Oh wait I forgot, thats money she could have used to buy alcohol and cocaine with. My fault. LoL. Man I remember when she was in Mean girls and she was Madd smoking hot. Now all that cocaines made her look like a used up leather bag face. Cheers, heres to doing a couple years in Jail LoHo!!


YEA? Whatsya gonna do to her? Pat her on the hand, reward her
with a diamond ring from the same store and let her walk.....after publicity shots of course!


What is really wrong with this girl??? She really expect the authorities to believe her story??? I think she needs 2 wake up & shake up herself. Once a proper investigation has been done & she is found guilty, jail her ass!!!


P.S. Some people will steal lightening and grab at thunder. When Lindsay Lohan walked into that jewelry store they had to know that they were dealing with a Smooth Criminal!!


well thats it charged so i guess thats means back to rehab


Say it ain't so, please do Not try and tell us that Lilo has added the title
of jewel thief to her list of capers!!

Team me

She'll totally win this case.
Whether she's telling the truth or not.
She'll pull something out of her ass for sure.
But I still think the jewelry store is the crooked one. They just want publicity. There's no reason for a bitch with money stacked up to her ears to steal a necklace that she could buy hundreds of times over.
Unless she seriously is fucked in the head. But I'm not suuure.


This girl may have outdone herself.... lolz lolz lolz! I am sure she did borrow it. Without permission. This girl is an attention craving lunatic and can't seem to stay out of trouble. Your 24 time to grow up!


Even if someone else filled out paperwork for the "loan" of the necklace there would still be a paper trail at the store listing that piece loaned out and who was supposed to have it. The store would not have considered it stolen if that were the case because they would have had record of where it was and with whom. The fact that it was missing and they did not have record of it being loaned out screams theft to me. There would be some piece of paperwork in the store listing that item out on loan if it realy was. Lindsay got herself stuck using this pathetic excuse because she as no clue about how a business operates and now she has to stick with her lie. Hope someday she is finally held accountable for her actions..


Why doesnt she turn herself in...i mean if she does shell be voted Best Mug-Shot of 2011.....!!!!

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