Lindsay Lohan Accused of Major Jewel Heist (Really)

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In the middle of a police investigation after being accused of stealing an expensive piece of jewelry, Lindsay Lohan just turned over a necklace to police.

Girl cannot stay out of trouble for five minutes. This incident could be much more serious than the whole rehab fight / Dawn Holland bribe scandal too.

It started last week. The owner of an L.A. store filed a police report, claiming a $5,000 necklace had been stolen from her. Suspect #1? You guessed it.

LiLo the Thief?

STOP, THIEF! It's always something with LiLo. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Store surveillance video shows Lindsay in there, wearing the necklace just before it vanished (it's unclear if the video shows her peacing out with it).

Authorities were about to obtain a warrant to search Lohan's home, but last night one of Lindsay's associates turned that piece over to the cops.

Turning in stolen property doesn't mean you didn't gank it in the first place, of course, so the owner can continue to press the case against Lohan.

Knowing Lindsay - who is still on probation, and could be royally screwed if she's in fact guilty of this - she'll claim she wore it out "by accident."

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Wow. She either feels entitled to whatever she wants or she is a full blown kleptomaniac. Probably both.


Oh, Lord...


I really don't understand why they keep giving her chance after chance she's working the system and and she's knows it. It is not fare I was toss in chowchilla state prison for a year for not paying restatution for something I did 10 years ago with no crimal back ground but she has a record a mile long and still doing shit money shouldn't matter she is just like everybody else toss her ass in chowchilla state prison for a year like the system did me and many oters and I bet she will change her way I can't even get work and I lost a very good job when they my ass in there let her see what it like to lose something for once stop giving her chances she's giulty of stealing that necklace and the store owner will probley take a cash payoff so again she'll not pay for her dirt.