Lil Wayne Pimp-Slaps Oreos on Facebook

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Already the reigning champion of prison Uno games and making it rain at strip clubs and impregnating women, Lil Wayne is now king of Facebook as well.

After Nabisco claimed to have made Facebook history by racking up 114,619 "Likes" for Oreo cookies in a 24-hour span, Weezy decided to step up.

Only five hours after Wayne proclaimed he was gunning for Nabisco's record, the rap star had secured a demonstrative, staggering 588,243 Likes.

The Carter

Nabisco? Is that you? Can't see you from way up here!

No word on how many of Weezy's many baby mamas Liked his page, or whether Justin Bieber is mulling his own bid for this social media record.

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Sadly, you're not special. You are EXACTLY the sort of person people expect to listen to rap. #yousuck


weezy is d beast in evtin.u rock my bruv..


This dude can SERIOUSLY do no wrong!! AMAZING!! And, I am the WHITEST girl out there and I LOVE his music and how he MAKES IT RAIN for himself 24-7!! You would NEVER, EVER expect me to be a fan of his but he is a force to be reconded (sp?) with! Keep it up, Lil' Weezy, let the world know how you set records!!


molim vas odobritemi fejs