Leah Messer: A Teen Mom Leading a Double LIfe?

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Is Leah Messer living a life of duplicity and deceit?

That's the accusation of the always-reliable celebrity gossip magazine In Touch in its cover story this week. Just look at her. So shady, dark and mysterious!

Despite falling back in love with baby daddy Corey Simms, she's feeling trapped by marriage and messing around with some schlub named Seth! Scandal!

Leah's Double Life

TRAPPED, DISHONEST: Leah Messer is accused of being both!

Whether any of this is true or not, we can't say. But one thing is for sure. Whatever Leah's up to, it can't match Jenelle Evans. Now there's a huge mess.

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white trash teen moms are sooo sexy.


I hope its not true. Corey is a good man and I hope she wouldnt do something crazy like that to mess it up after all the crying and begging she did on the show but they always say if something seems to good to be true then it probably is. And Leah if you read this you never know what you have til its gone. They are my favorite couple on teen mom 2 they are really good parents I hope she dont mess it up


it is so true! not to mention a soundman from morgan freeman productions, the cable guy that installed the service to their trailer and her ugly lil ex from hi school.interview the girls she cheered with.


not true!


np, its not. that pic is from leah's fan page of her and a friend from a year ago.


None of this crap is true, I know for a fact it's not.


God I really hope this isn't true!! But seeing where the story is coming from I will not belive this shit!


That's so shady, these people are not celebrities,they do not have all the resources as all the stars do. The gossip rags should stay out ofthe lives of these young ppl before they can refer to themselves as homewreckors!!!