Latest Lindsay Lohan Theft Excuse: I'm So Busy!

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Accused jewelry bandit Lindsay Lohan is, predictably, throwing out every excuse in the book in her efforts to somehow beat the rap on felony grand theft charges.

We've heard her whine that she was raised better than that, that the D.A. is out to get her, that the necklace isn't worth enough to make this a felony case, etc.

Her latest BS? Basic, at least: She was, like, so busy!

Shapely Convict

JAILBIRD: Lindsay Lohan is becoming an L.A. courtroom fixture, but whether she winds up back behind bars is a different story. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

According to the police report, Lindsay's assistant gave cops this story: "Ms. Lohan was in possession of the necklace and wanted to give the necklace back to the store the day after she took it from the store, but she was very busy."

Oh, that explains it. Case closed.

As you may know, Lindsay was tipped off that a warrant had been issued for her place. She then had her assistant return the necklace she's accused of ganking.

Lindsay's assistant told the cops that before going to the police station she tried returning the necklace to the jewelry store, but no one picked up the phone.

Fishy, to say the least. The cops don't buy it noting:

"There was no description of the stolen necklace given to Ms. Lohan, yet she gave the exact necklace in question to her assistant to return."

What's your gut tell you about the Lohan case?


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That just proves she stole it because she is continuously making new excuses about stealing it. @freespirit haha right?


I think she is doing all this to see with how much she can get away with. I mean she had money to buy the necklace but she decide to take.


i kno right!!!!


Sara, I agree. At only 24 years old she shouldn't be sagging yet. Wow. Just once I would love to hear this girl take a little bit of the blame for her problems. It's all about her and she can never admit to failure.


hey everyone just leave lindsay alone shes just a celebrity i mean come on she will hurt you im on your side lindsay k


Dang Lindsay -- your chest is practially hanging at your waist in that dress. You really need to do something about that. The look is really bad.


Ok, so if you steal something then "want" to give it back it's somehow not theft? Good to know. LOL. That is not even an excuse that makes sense and it's basically admitting she did in fact steal it. Good luck with that one Lindsay,hope the judge throws your ass in jail when he stops laughing!


Of course she's too busy to take the necklace back.....she's obviously too busy to do her nails too......YUK!!!!!! Trash is trash, plain and simple


Send her to jail for more than sixty seconds but I don't blame her I would keep getting into trouble if I knew I was above the law.these little white girls in Hollywood do without punishment and the world wants them to respect the court what a joke.when me a black man do something like that they would be trying to put me in jail for ever. So lock her up