Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" and Madonna's "Express Yourself" - The Remix!

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If there were any doubt that Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" was inspired by Madonna's "Express Yourself," well, this remix should clear those doubts up.

Not that it matters, of course. Madonna supports the song and Gaga couldn't be more adamant about her adoration of the Queen of Pop. There's no feud.

It is interesting to note just how alike the two hits are, however.

Whether it's a blatant rip-off by Gaga or homage to Madge, the similarities are even greater than you might think when the tracks overlaying like this:

Is "Born This Way" a Madonna ripoff?


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LADY GAGA RIPS OFF other pop idols likeness or not she is a big rip off and for the most of you so called fans out there...Take a look at your oldies pop singers and im mean a lot of them didn't make it big but there songs were heard and she gets here inspiration from them but when it comes to her say of "inspiration" it almost seems like she has an obsession. If the song "paparazzi" don't make think about her obsession to free her self from low self esteem and wanting to get attention ......Then why can't anybody speak about how she rips of cher old look


people ,are you crazy? this fucking bitch must die!!! we must not steel!!! who can give to this any awards? it is against the law!! please kill her with egg and tomatos!!! go lady gaga and wash your brain and you will come back with something NEW somethig of YOURS. STEELING is one of the biggest SIN!!!


Listening to the tracks overlayed... they sound even less a like... used to think they were similar, but that overlay def proves that there is only minor likenesses... which is really common in pop songs.


GAGA has already won 5 GRAMMY's...Madonna won 10 after all this time. Now Madonna is great but GAGA is on her way FAST!!!


There is one difference Madonna's voice is Amazing


Obviously You don't realize that Madonna has been the QUEEN now for 30 years. What is to say Gaga will still be in the charts 5 years from now. It hasn't even been 5 years since she finally made her way onto the charts.


QUEEN 1,000 GAGA!!! 19th hot shot number one and 1,000th #1 in Billboard history. Get em girl...forget dem haters!


I like madonna but when's the last time she had a huge hit like the ones sweet princess GAGA has been pumping out for years? If anything it will help madonna's slowing numbers. Radio queen GAGA officially today, number one EVER in history for radio debut....female or male artists.


What about "When Love Takes Over"?


Good Point. Christina is more talented and Lady Gaga is getting bitten in the ass. Sure she has talent, but her circus act is getting old!!!!!!