Lady Gaga on 60 Minutes: The Fame Master

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Lady Gaga sat down with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes this week.

Among the many revelations in the program's nearly 15-minute feature on the singer, which aired just before Gaga's Grammy performance on CBS:

  • She considers herself a student, and the master, of fame.
  • She prefers to be called her real name, Stefani, in bed.
  • She sees herself in her fans, who are "all superstars."

From her musings on the celebrity gossip game to her thoughts on fashion, family and music, Gaga comes across well in the interview, don't you think?


when you believe in what you feel and show it out to the people,this is being free.i love your freedom.i am one of your fans and also one of those who wish to meet deserve it.


Did you see LADY GAGA's interview on 60 minutes? Found this clip of the behind the scenes:


i could care less about the interview. this one creeps me out, i know it's a tranny ! at some point it's pants or costume are going to split and a prick is going to fall out making all the dudes who think it's hot to vomit all at once. on the bright side................. it's still probally more attractive than kim dramadashian even with a pecker !


I cannot believe how she ended up 'hanged' in that one performance and her comments about it are equally astonishing. The sick people who feed off of failure are a really scary type.


i watched that interview and she just came across like she had no idea what she was talking about.


@freespirit-my thoughts exactly! Everytime she speaks it seems trite.what a poser.


She does come across well in the interview but not believeable. She seems to say what she thinks people want to hear,not what she really believes or feels in her heart. She could do so much better if she just stopped seeking attention so badly and tried to make it on talent alone. Her talent alone may or may not make her a superstar but at least she would seen as honest and true to herself,rather than an attention seeker who claims to be honest and true to herself.

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