Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" Video - Watch Here!

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The video for Lady Gaga’s controversial, wildly popular new single, “Born This Way,” has just been released, complete with a manifesto by the Mother Monster.

Directed by Nick Knight and choreographed by Laurie Ann Gibson, the video is vintage Gaga - elaborate, over-the-top performance art in seven-plus minutes.

We've seen her perform it at the Grammys. Now here's the official music video from the pop star. Watch it below and leave us a comment with your thoughts.

What do you think of the video for "Born This Way"?


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me encantan las canciones y videos de lady gaga


ady gaga is so much more talented than what she is portraying - a pity just look at me
you can't even see this way
you don't have any idea
we just have to be as we say we won't even have a chance
and we don't even like what she says
but we won't ask questions now so ask me lady gaga why won't you do as you say?
give me the satisfaction of knowing you're telling the truth
because we all know that you are better than that
just do as you say and acknowledge that you were born as you say A talented girl that doesn't have to put on a madonna tramp show - you are so much more!.
Tell madonna to take a hike and save your hips - worth much more than the show


Rampant homosexuality is going to bring the wrath of God down upon everyone. Wait and see. Sodom & Gomorrah were destroyed for a reason. This rebellious world is gonna go down in flames.


all these parents are saying this video is "disgusting", but I'm sure if it was made back in the 70's or 80's it would be perfectly okay! I'm not sticking up for lady gaga because I'm not that much of a fan or anything, I only like this song of hers because it actually has meaning. people need to get over the video-if they dont like it, dont watch it! just because the video is weird doesnt make her a damn serial murderer or something!


You will not understand the video unless you are a Little Mons†er, you can hate all you want but we are a race within the race of humanity, LadyGaga is the most amazing person in the world, i admire her and look up to her, you need to learn about Gaga before judging, theres a lot more than just flashy clothes and weird styles, PawsUp!


well.. that sucked


facts about the video:
1 i love it
2 its amazing
3 she is my role model
4 the hair at the first part looks like a copy of snooki


Could she possibly stop grabbing her crotch. Has the world lost their mind? Next time why bother with a bra and panties? Lay off the coke! Stop promoting cigarettes, they kill people, don't you know this by now?


This video is only suitable for an adult audience. It is repulsive and disturbing. I find it disturbing that young children consider Lady Gaga to be a role model. She should try wearing some clothing and staying off the coke for a while.


the song is awesome- i love it, it sends such a great message. the video however looks like its encouraging a bunch of sex! like orgies n stuff. if she changed it a little it would have been great, i love the dance scenes.