Kyle Richards Regrets "Everything" About Fight with Sister

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It was the second worst thing that ever happened to Kyle Richards, but it's her biggest regret.

Two weeks ago, the nation watched in horror as this Real Housewives of Beverly Hills outed her sister as an alcoholic, an allegation that was addressed again last night on part two of that show's reunion special.

Sisters Torn Apart!

Speaking to Ryan Seacrest yesterday, Kyle said "I regret everything about that night... I could take it back... there was a lot of stuff happening off-camera. The audience doesn't see everything. I think it came to a boiling point that night and we just kind of snapped."

Kyle says the sisters are now "in a goo place," although the tabloid cover above begs to differ.

All the Beverly Hills Housewives appeared on Ellen yesterday, meanwhile. Watch a portion of that interview HERE.


Kyle throws out the word delusional so much because she is projecting her delusions on everyone else! It was sickening last night to watch her STILL put down Kim, who did nothing last night but extend love and compassion to vile kyle! Kyle we believe Kim DID SUPPORT YOUR FAMILY WHEN SHE WAS YOUNGER AND YOU JUST CAN'T GET OVER THAT FACT AND SIMPLY SAY, 'THANK YOU' AND MOVE ON! And what a wanker Lisa is for trying to bring up Kims 'alleged' drinking problem as the cause for all of Kyle's vile behavior. Take a cue from Camille, Lisa, taylor and Kyle and OWN ALL YOUR BAD BEHAVIOR AND QUIT BLAMING KIM FOR YOUR DISGUSTING BEHAVIOR!!


Kyle can apologize everyday for the next 110 years and it will not change the image that she is left with for being so brutally cruel to her sister Kim. I could have understood some of the other cackling hens going off on Kim better than her own sibling in so public a forum. There is room for improvement in Kim's life, but the sophisticated Kyle is Not much more than a glorified bully in evening wear!!


You know if a sister has trouble making housing payments you LEND her the money you don't have the deed switched to you. Kyle is a selfish bully who can't own up to her jealousy. Pretending Kim didn't support the family and saying " I was a child actress too" check the IMDB Kim worked 50x more and her mother took her money to support the family.


Jeez. Still Kyle makes excuses for verbally, emotionally & physically attacking her sister.
"We just kind of snapped" she says. We? Uh, no. You snapped Kyle!
Kyle is so hateful she can barely contain herself when around Kim & Camille. Sooo ugly.

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