Kristen Stewart is the World's Highest Paid Actress

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Kristen Stewart had a very good 2010. And we aren't just referring to the handsome man in her bed every night.

According to Vanity Fair's Hollywood Top 40, Stewart raked in more than any actress in Hollywood last year, totalling $28.5 million overall. Impressively, she beat Jennifer Aniston ($24.5) and Angelina Jolie ($23.5 million) to earn the top spot.

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Stewart still has a long way to go to match the men, however.

Johnny Depp led all actor/actresses in these rankings, banking $100 million in 12 months, including $20 million for the crap that was The Tourist.

Other notable actors on the list included Leonardo DiCaprio ($62 million), Adam Sandler ($34 million), Taylor Lautner ($33.5 million) and Robert Downey Jr. ($31.5 million).


I don't know why everyone is being so vile, her acting gives hope to every single lumber mill the world over, that if this one unemotional lump of wood can get starring roles, so can they.


I love & like Kristen Stewart


Lol some of u here could never have what kristen have coz of your nastiness jealous whining complaining and negativity.if u learn how to be respected and humble then maybe someday god will bless and u become a millionaire but until then u need to behave and stop ur negativity and be happy and stay humble.


that's what they say.... "Life's unfair! And it happens to be unfair in favor of Kristen Stewart!!!" But i like her anyway! She's so cute!


every dog has its day


Really?? Why?? She is nothing special.


Pity she doesn't know how to dress.


You are obviously very smart people. Hollywood thinks if you say someone is a great actress long enough you will believe it.
Kristen Stewart is a terrible actress and so is Jennifer Anniston. I don't think anyone however, can make 48 films in a year. Funny thing is though, the highest paid men ARE actually good actors. The same does not necessarily follow for our actresses.


It's only natural that Kristen Stewart should be leading the female earnings. She's in Twilight. But these statistics can be quite misleading.
For example, Jennifer Aniston, who is not very well respected amongst her peers in regards to ability and box office pull, made just a little less than Stewart. BUT: She probably made around 48 films in 12 months, her specialty being low budget films (Why would they be anything else on a box office flopper such as Jen?) where as the rest of them only made 2 or so.
It's all about the quality, Jen. Not the quantity.


I've never had a second of acting classes an I'm a better actress than her! Where's my millions?!?!

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