Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: Headed for a Split?!?

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It's a good thing Kristen Stewart makes so much money. Because the actress might be supporting herself soon.

In breaking, totally reliable news, the mere possibility of a break-up between Stewart and Robert Pattinson is apparently more pressing than the fact that Jennifer Aniston does not hate Angelina Jolie and Justin Bieber does not want to die. See for yourself:

Headed for a Split?!?!

The basis for Robsten's imaginary split? Kristen's jealousy over Rob's new co-star.

Considering Christina Ricci, Uma Thurman and Kristin Scott Thomas all appear opposite Pattinson in Bel Ami, this leaves just one question: To which of these actresses is the magazine pretending to refer?

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Isn't it funny that every month or so the headlines read "Robert and Kristen breaking up" and we see it's not true. And this time it's because Kristen is jealous of Rob's co-stars... really... Is it Reese W.? he finished filming Water For Elephants last summer. probably not. Is it Umma T., or the other lovelies in Bel Ami? They wrapped filming on that like spring of 2010... so, probably not. Rob hasn't even been around these "co-stars" for as much as a year and has been with Kristen filming Breaking Dawn since last fall. Hmmmm. stupid. are they that dumb. no, they are just trying to attract attention. I guess they figure if they just keep printing they are breaking up, it has to eventually happen and they will appear to be so "on top of the story" haha


stupid news, I don't belive this type of news ....... It is just publicity for your magazine & I don't like this type of news comming. And pls leave them alone they are the cutest couple in the world ........


This story is bullshit.....who would believe that crap...


what a bunch of c---p! I guess they're only spending so much time together between shooting Breaking Dawn because they have no one lese to be with???? ReALLY! So, if either Kris or Rob had another "love" interest, they wouldn't have been spotted togetber somewhere, like BA. How many times were Kris & Rob spotted together while the other one was making a film? I guess the other commenter was right; when you have nothing really to write about on Kris & Rob, you go back to some old junk "heresay" from last year. Don't think I'll be visiting your site much; other reliable sites have said not to patronize sites like yours; they were right!


Bet you guys think I'm gonna make a silly comment about these two. NO WAY!!! I can handle abuse from Bieber and Kardashian fans. Actually, I love it... but, not here. Have a nice day!!!


He filmed that movie early 2010. I mean my gosh Kristen was even spotted in April 2010 traveling to Buddapest to visit him on set.
Christina Ricci mentioned meeting Kristen on set once.
The movie has been made, and this magazine just NOW comes out with saying he is suddenly in love with his co stars from that movie!
Next week I am sure Life and Style will say they are engaged.... again!


UNBELIEVEABLE TRASH!!!!!!!!!! I think they are referring to Kyra Knightely (sorry for the spelling)....
This is absolute crap!!!! - L & S hasn't done a Rob & Kris cover in quite a while, so this is what they came up with!!!!????!!!!
Thank God the relationship between Rob & Kris is based in fact with an honest level of maturity, which is a lot more than I can say about Life and Style. They figure if they stick R & K's photo on the cover they can say anything and people will buy it. PLEASE DON'T BUY IT!!!!!!!!! That's the only way they'll ever learn their lesson.


Rob and Kris doesn't give the gossip magazines anything to write about, and lets face it ,they sell magazines like crazy if Robsten is posted on the cover page, so the magazines create BS to sell their magazines ....




bullshit story!!!...fuck off life & style...u don't have any news about them then u make out the stupid story about them...leave robsten alone...please....

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