Kourtney and Kim Kardashian: Both Engaged?!?

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WOW!! Where do the mags come up with this stuff? And claiming exclusives? Come on now. - Kourtney Kardashian, in response to OK! Weekly claiming she and Scott Disick were engaged, the proposal to be featured on the season finale of her reality show.

It's important to note: nowhere in that Tweet does Kourtney deny the report.

Rumors of Kourtney's engagement - a source says she "wears the ring at home" all the time - is now fueled by a second tabloid covering the same story, although its credibility must be questioned because it also states Kim Kardashian is engaged to Kris Humphries. She's not.

Possibly Engaged

By now, we can only hope consumers are catching on:

The Kardashians rake in MILLIONS by letting magazines plaster their faces on the cover. No harm is done, the sisters can speak out against the reports, thereby bringing attention to publication and raising sales figures. Everyone wins.

Except the ignorant patrons who purchase these rags.


Kourtney is not ugly so mind your own business Kay! She never did anything to you so shutup and learn how to spell


Kris Humphries is way hotter than Reggie Bush way way hotter and they make a good couple :)


Kloe is jelouse of her sisters bcos they r beautiful.


In the K family,the only people with beauty with a purpose are kourt,kim and kris but with kloe very rude and ugly.


kris humphries is ugly reggie bush is hotter


@jeyybean why so rude there is no need stop hating! Her boyfriend is biracial half black and white he just looks more white


Who cares..kim ran out of states and men to sleep with...shes used up and hes caucasian..i guess the bros got hip...


@TANIEL I could not understand a single word of what you said. I think you need to go back to pre-school or first grade to learn how to spell. And possibly talk.


e kards ar ril. um happy 4 kim @ last. ppl gt ril why ar u s jealousy. khloe yr attitude sucks mostly. pliz respect scot


Why wldnt b kktny engaged 2 scot? ey hv mason 2gether ppl gt rel & dnt gt jealousy. khloe dnt b min 2 yr sistas

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