Knicks Fans to Justin Bieber: BOOOO!

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Perhaps Justin Bieber should stick to Canada.

The singer was greeted with screams and cat calls in his native land this week. He then jetted to New York and attended the Knicks game last night, much to the chagrin of others inside Madison Square Garden.

As seen and heard below, Bieber was shown on the big screen while sitting courtside for the Knicks versus the Mavericks. While one young girl nearby was in tears over his presence, she was in the vast minority. Watch the video and then send in your love for Justin. He may need it after this...


Wow. the guy was just watching a basket ball game, no need to boo him. people are so rude. i'm not even a fan of his music, but justin bieber is quite the champ for putting up with all the crap from people who don't even know him.


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@BONER OKAY it was a freaking typo. And its pretty obvious you don't like him since your making fun of his voice,you're immature,so why dont you go do your work and STFU!


@ JB_LUVA : Now, where exactly in my comment did you read that I didn't like The Bieb? Huh??? I was commenting on Auto-Tune. So, STHU and go do your homework... I got work to do too. I gotta go search your word "coukld".


@BONER literally if you dont like him, why waste your time commenting?? Obviously you have no life


They should of run the "Boos" through Auto-Tune first. Now that would have been funny.


People are so rude! Okay if you dont like him, dont 'boo' at the kid. It's okay Justin, I love you, and for all those haters out there, this kid is getting most of the girls while your at home wishing you coukld be him!

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