Kim Kardashian on Nude Photos: Awesome!!!

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Have we mentioned recently how Kim Kardashian is a hypocritical phony who will say and do anything to generate headlines and revenue? Most recent case in point:

Days after million of viewers who need to get lives watched Kim cry a river over naked pictures of herself in W Magazine, the professional waste of oxygen confided to Us Weekly last night:

"Looking back, I love the photos. W Magazine is iconic, so I'm really happy that I did it and that those are the photos."

Kim Kardashian Naked Photo
Kim Kardashian Nude Picture

Kim then said the only honest words she'll ever utter: "Obviously I'm comfortable posing nude," adding: "I've done that before, and I did that then for the magazine. But that's probably not the direction I would've wanted to go if I thought that was going to be the case."

So... just wondering, Kim: you took your clothes off, posed for a photographer, and did NOT think the shots would end up in the magazine?

That's as ignorant as anyone who believes you write your own blog.


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