Kim Kardashian Enjoys "Yummy" Dinner with Kris Humphries, Family

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Kim Kardashian starred in her biggest national commercial last night, during Super Bowl XLV no less.

But the evening prior to the game was just as exciting for this professional celebrity, if her relationship with Kris Humphries is to be believed as anything more than a PR stunt.

Kim dined with the Nets power forward and his family at STK in New York City, helping to celebrate Humphries' 26th birthday. She even picked up the $900 for the meal and left a generous tip, witnesses say.

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian

"Yummy dinner with yummy people!" Kim Tweeted on Saturday night.

Sources claim the couple exited the restaurant and ran into a homeless man looking for a handout from Humphries. But he had to let the guy down, he said, because "the lady paid for dinner, I don't even have a wallet."


Yea, I'm sure he fed her a yummy dinner... A Humphries Dog right down the gullet!!!


He's quite ugly but then again she needs to take what she can! Wonder if his parents have seen Kimmy sex tape


Krystal calm down before you burst a blood vessel!


Haha this picture looks funny cuz it looks like she's a midget & he's like 7ft tall!


@dan: you are an idiot waste of a human being & have way too much time on your hands. Write a book hunny, you've got quite a talent there. LMFAO! goodness! U are sooo pathetic. & yes I am "kris" & u aaarrreee?? Paris hilton!! Yes!! D-A-N EQUALS pa-rriss! Right? Haha. Get a life guy. @freespirit. You on the other hand have an opinion, have gotten your point across & I respect that, not every one likes Kim k. That's ok. No I'm not her mom (as the imbasol aka dan said) I just think that she is who she is, I mean let her be. OBVIOUSLY not everyone feels this way....oh yeah @dan. Get an education loser...


The people you call haters probably,like me,have never googled KimK we just happen to read this website from time to time. And the fact of the matter is Kim is not beauiful at all. She may look OK on the outside but that is all there is. That is the reason most thinking people dislike her. She is only concerned with herself and her outward appearance and is, simply put, a vapid dumb and boring person who has no clue about anything outside her own little world. She got famous for a sex tape where,among other things,she got pissed on and now somehow believes she s important. She contributes nothing to society as a whole and is being rewarded for her stupid and idiotic behavior. Give me a break, no one is jealous of her. Anyone with a gym membership and plastic surgeon can look just like her but most of us would not trade our self respect and turn off our brains for any amount of money. Most adult are smarter than that.


Wow! KIM REALLY HAS HATERS!! & they "apparently" all find the time in their depressing lives to google her, read such irrelevant info, like her dining (don't we all?) & talk s*it. Kim is beautiful with or without makeup. Just because u r used to seeing girls with disgusting makeup doesn't mean that kimmy (who always has a flawless look) is a made up tranny. Really? Post a pic of ur girl if u think she can match up....I dARE U..... LMFAO. u haters are pathetic. But I love u.. Without u kim would be nothing!!!


Yall r so gaulible n jealous.leave kim alone she's pretty n hot and thers absolutely nothing u can do about it.


@robo: WORD!!. you said it.
its beyond me how any man wants to date HER!!. and why is kim datting a man with the same name as her MOTHER??? WTF?? thats nasty.
and if kim k paid for the meal, couldnt she produce a buck or two from that gargantulous ass of hers? i guess that only happens when they are filming.
as usual, kim looks like a made up tranny, who is in reality a man


This article (if you can call it that) is laughable. Humphries looks like some Neanderthal dressed as a lumberjack -- pulling an overly made-up tranny. The part about the homeless man is pathetic. None of these useless fools could spare a buck for this man??!! Enough about this trash bag with zero talent. Her PR machine works harder than everyone in the Obama administration -- and the end result is she's nothing but a cartoon!!

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