Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett: Not Having a Baby!

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We had to meditate through the hard times. But we got over them, and we are happy now.

So says Kendra Wilkinson to OK! Weekly in its latest issue, referring to issues in her marriage to Hank Baskett. It really is difficult not to feel for the couple.

They've been through a pretend miscarriage. Imaginary divorce drama. Baskett playing a major role in the Colts' loss to the Saints in Super Bowl XLIV. But Kendra and Hank have come out of it just fine and have exclusive news to report:

They're having a baby... at some point in the near future! Possibly!

(Not) Having a Baby!

It's encouraging to know that wealthy, famous people without a legitimate concern in the world can overcome such contrived obstacles and still manage to smile for the tabloid cameras, isn't it? Just consider all these two have (NOT) been through:

A Non-Single Mother
Totally Not Pregnant
I'm a Sexy Mom!
Fake Divorce Drama

Monkey.... your just jealous that your life it pointless. We love you Kendra, Hank and baby hank. keep on.... moving on.... wish you the best and hope to see a season 3 of Kendra!


Kendra u truly r a wonderful role model & mother. it sux all the annoying rumors that go on about u & ur family but u definetly do an amazing job by just keeping ur head up & movin forward. thank u for bein such cool person 2 look up 2,evn tho ur only a year older than i am lol :-)


Awwwhhh no one cares about you pointless life
too bad so sad :(

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