Kelsey Grammer to Kayte Walsh: "What Kind of Fool Am I?"

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By all accounts, Kelsey Grammer is not really a good man.

He's admitted to cheating on Camille Grammer, he's sparred with his children's mother in public, and the guy just gives off a creepy vibe.

But one thing the actor can do is sing. He's even earned a Tony Award nomination for this talent. It was on display at Friday's wedding to Kayte Walsh, as Grammer serenaded his new bride (lucky number four!) with a rendition of "What Kind of Fool Am I?." Watch him in action now:


Creepy vibe is right on the mark. Karaoke wedding at the Plaza, pricey! Classy upgrade from the bar hall. Same results. The "Fool" song so approproiate.

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