Kate Gosselin Defends Reality Shows, Parenting

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Speaking with CBS' The Talk, Kate Gosselin defended her decisions to expose her children to reality TV and said it's actually helped them more than anything.

Unlike the recent drama between Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus, in which the star's dad blames Hannah Montana for ruining his family, Kate says TLC helped hers.

Despite recent behavioral problems and her hugely infamous divorce from Jon, Kate insists she's proud of her kids and that they love being on Kate Plus 8.

She actually comes across well (at least for her) in the interview ...

Without their show, Kate Gosselin believes, her children would have far fewer life experiences and would not become the well-rounded kids they are today.

It's an interesting argument. She also says she's a very hands-on parent, not a diva, and that 90 percent of the celebrity gossip you read about her is BS.

Finally, she adds that she will never bash Jon Gosselin in public and will continue to fight rumors that paint her in unflattering light for her children's sake.


No, she does not come across well at all no matter what the venue. Her "thoughts" are a reflection of her totally dysfunctional mind. She is a disaster and her children are fated for disastrous futures, left in her hands. What she says is BS. That is evident.


Wait a minute! Hasn't she already bashed Jon in public?
I think her star has faded. The kids were the real stars of the show--and her relationship with Jon. I hope she put aside the money she's made so far. She should be able to pay off the house and send the kids to college. That's more than a lot of people can do these days.


kate says jon is a child but she has 8 children with him and married him not once but twice, good for jon for running from her when he had the chance,


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