Kate Gosselin Defends Reality Shows, Parenting

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Speaking with CBS' The Talk, Kate Gosselin defended her decisions to expose her children to reality TV and said it's actually helped them more than anything.

Unlike the recent drama between Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus, in which the star's dad blames Hannah Montana for ruining his family, Kate says TLC helped hers.

Despite recent behavioral problems and her hugely infamous divorce from Jon, Kate insists she's proud of her kids and that they love being on Kate Plus 8.

She actually comes across well (at least for her) in the interview ...

Without their show, Kate Gosselin believes, her children would have far fewer life experiences and would not become the well-rounded kids they are today.

It's an interesting argument. She also says she's a very hands-on parent, not a diva, and that 90 percent of the celebrity gossip you read about her is BS.

Finally, she adds that she will never bash Jon Gosselin in public and will continue to fight rumors that paint her in unflattering light for her children's sake.


@anon. "grow up" "wake up". I can tell that you say that slot to people who put you in your place. "Take a chill pill" must be your favourite. Your a very judgemental person which is pretty lame, it is a free country for people to give there opinion which is what I'm doing, so what is your problem? I think you might need medication. You are obviously a male because a female would not attact a mother of hate with such hatred. You must have been bullied as a child to have such resentment for a reality star


@Mary: seems like I touched a nerve. Wow you have alot of emotion invested in Kate. Maybe you should read over what you wrote, you started your first comment "To all you haters". How immature is that. I am not bitter negative or jealous, I have an opionion just like you but you should really not judge me because that would be contradicting yourself wouldn't it? Relax and take a chill pill.@Sara: I am not telling Kate how to spend her money. What a stupid statement. I am giving my opinion and that is she should not be spending so much money on herself but thinking about the future of her children. Its called sacrifice and when you have kids that's what GOOD parents do. I am allowed to speak my mind, its a free country, Kate puts herself out there to be judged so people will judge.@X0X0: grow up.


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@ANON: Who the hell are you to tell someone how to spend their money? so what if she gets her hair done or shoping for clothing, who doesn't. I agree with mary, you must be very miserable to "dislike" someone who you don't even know. Very sad! And to tell someone not to have children is very disturbing, what is wrong with you? I think you should do the WAKING UP !!!!!!!


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@realist: LOL!!! Jealous???? That is hilarious. Why on earth would anyone be jealous of Kate Gosselin???? Lets see....self absorbed, immature, materialistic, greedy, a liar with zero talent who makes her kids work to pay for her hair, nails, tanning and surgeries. She has no family or friends, no husband or boyfriend but the best part is she has 8 kids who probably will need serious therapy down the road. Wow that is alot to be jealous of. LOL!!!Kate has spent a ton of money on herself, probably way more than Jon has spent.


First what do you call being on national TV and saying your ex stole money from you before it was proven/seems that would be a form of bashing.But many people support more than 8 kids with out going on TV and saying feel sorry for me I knew I could have more kids with the treatment I had but now the rest of you can help pay for them.Why is this women any better than any one else?Why does no one call her out on her remarks? Oh you can support 8 kids on a nurses pay have know a few true they did not have much money but they had people who loved them and respected mom.


Good for them if the show is providing support. Ppl r just jealous u can't have show and get paid big bucks. Kids seem fine, look very healthy and all kids have some problems of some sort (especially going thro divorce). Kate can't get a low paying job and provide what the kids need. Jon should not have blown all the thousands he did running around with those women wasting all of his money. Now he can't even afford child support which by law he is supposed to pay. Need less jealousy and more support.


@Mary: Must make you feel superior calling everyone with an opinion haters. Maybe you should ask yourself why so many people dislike Kate. I use the word "dislike" because most people are not haters. They might hate what she is doing. How much has she spent on herself??? That's the only job Kate has is beautifying herself, she can't make it in the entertainment business because she has no talent. Everyone judges and everyone dislikes someone, even you so your are not perfect. Mary wake up. Kate is not a single mother she is a divorced mother. Jon is their father and yes Kate bashes Jon constantly. I hear it in almost every interview. Kate is not providing for her kids, its the other way around....they are providing for her. If you consider her a terrific person, then your judge of character sucks. Don't have kids because we have enough problems in the world with disfunctional children.


One last comment. It will be very interesting to see how they are doing when these kids are teens. With just 2 children myself, 14 and 9, they are expensive....school, clothes, sports, food, etc. Imagine 8 teenagers and the expense they will cost her. Wow.

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