Kate Gosselin Defends Reality Shows, Parenting

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Speaking with CBS' The Talk, Kate Gosselin defended her decisions to expose her children to reality TV and said it's actually helped them more than anything.

Unlike the recent drama between Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus, in which the star's dad blames Hannah Montana for ruining his family, Kate says TLC helped hers.

Despite recent behavioral problems and her hugely infamous divorce from Jon, Kate insists she's proud of her kids and that they love being on Kate Plus 8.

She actually comes across well (at least for her) in the interview ...

Without their show, Kate Gosselin believes, her children would have far fewer life experiences and would not become the well-rounded kids they are today.

It's an interesting argument. She also says she's a very hands-on parent, not a diva, and that 90 percent of the celebrity gossip you read about her is BS.

Finally, she adds that she will never bash Jon Gosselin in public and will continue to fight rumors that paint her in unflattering light for her children's sake.


@pac31. If you watched the show you would know that she only wanted 3 kids not 6. She didn't intend of having 8 kids but it happened so she had to deal. Fact check before you comment. Idiot.


I can't stand Kate either so to @Mary and @Sara you girls have too much time on your hands to be defending someone you don't even know. And to @anon, fine, we get it u don't like her either you have made it quite clear but you need to relax. Your attacking bloggers who have a difference of opinion. Why? They are allowed. Free country remember.


What is wrong with You people?


Omg!!!! Lol


@Mary. What is wrong with this person? Don't fuel his fire luv. There is no dealing with crazy. Leave it Alone. Your right so sad. LOL.


Sounds good to me.....your scary.


@anon: sweetie I think your the hostile one. Judgemental and a walking contradiction! So sad.


@ANON. Am I mistaken or did u not write "how much did she spend on herself? You should go back and read what you wrote. How is that any of you business where she spends her money? I'm sure that kids are well provided for and will have a bright future ahead of them because of Kate and the show. So yes I do think you telling her how she should spend her money. That's my opinion, I can have one to you know. You are not the only person who can speak their mind. I agree with @Mary that you have some sort of problem mentally and you need help. I'm actually really feeling sorry for you now because you sound like a very unhappy person so I will not be continuing this with u, u r not worth it.


@Mary: You are very hostile which says alot about you and its not good.


@anon. "grow up" "wake up". I can tell that you say that alot to people who put you in your place. "Take a chill pill" must be your favourite. Your a very judgemental person which is pretty lame, it is a free country for people to give there opinion which is what I'm doing, so what is your problem? I think you might need medication. You are obviously a male because a female would not attack a mother of 8 with such hatred. You must have been bullied as a child to have such resentment for a reality star. You say that you not bitter but then you bash Kate like she has done something awful. You need to grow up and take a chill pill you loser. Hasn't you mum taught you that if you haven't got anything good to say then shut you effing mouth. But then then again I'm sure someone will do it pretty soon with an arrogant attitude like that.

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