Kate Gosselin Defends Reality Shows, Parenting

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Speaking with CBS' The Talk, Kate Gosselin defended her decisions to expose her children to reality TV and said it's actually helped them more than anything.

Unlike the recent drama between Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus, in which the star's dad blames Hannah Montana for ruining his family, Kate says TLC helped hers.

Despite recent behavioral problems and her hugely infamous divorce from Jon, Kate insists she's proud of her kids and that they love being on Kate Plus 8.

She actually comes across well (at least for her) in the interview ...

Without their show, Kate Gosselin believes, her children would have far fewer life experiences and would not become the well-rounded kids they are today.

It's an interesting argument. She also says she's a very hands-on parent, not a diva, and that 90 percent of the celebrity gossip you read about her is BS.

Finally, she adds that she will never bash Jon Gosselin in public and will continue to fight rumors that paint her in unflattering light for her children's sake.


@Jondolar: Thankyou for your support. The funny thing is that I really liked Kate in the beginning. When she started emotionally abusing her husband on t.v. I viewed her differently. I felt sad for Jon because he really was a hands on dad. He didn't speak up for himself because he gave up. I saw that happen to my own parents. As far as Mary is concerned, it is better to back off with people like that.


@Mary who said ........."But what I don't appreciate is when people put down others to make them feel good about themselves." Isn't that what you just did to Jill ? That would be a yes. And no one likes someone who boasts about how much money they have.


@Anon .... I agree with you and also feel that stating an opinion is not telling someone how to live their life. I also agree that REAL Parents sacrifice for their children and don't live off their backs. The fact that people on here call others "hater" speaks to their intellect level more than anything else. Ignore them. They're probably just on school break. I love when people like this Kate talk about "providing" the best she can for her kids. The BEST thing for those kids is a stabile life and a good education. They'll have plenty of time to travel when they are educated and grown. Put that money away for college and stop using this JOB as an excuse to give them a future. You could have paid for all their college educations on what was spent on trips this past year. Kate does it all in their name but is really filling her own sad life with all the pleasures she has always desired. The woman is SICK.


For all of you who say she would never be able to support them...you obviously have never known anyone with that many kids. I know a family with 12 kids who have never been on a tv show and have given their kids a wonderful life filled with love and everything they need and more. And yes they chose to have 12 kids and have no multiples. Raising a lot of children can be done without a tv show.


Kate has no defense for her abuse of her children. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie.
If she spent half the time that she spends on herself on or with her children ..... they might stand a fighting chance. I also don't think that when you have the kind of help Kate has that she qualifies as a single parent. Maybe a lonely sad pathetic single woman......... but hardly a single parent. Everyone knows that she's not even there half the time to be a parent to these kids.


OMG is right!!!!!!! Gosh get her off the air in any form. BLAH>
Lets say TLC offered her two hundred bucks per episode.. would that change her mind of doing the show. She makes me sick! Lies, and i cant stand her drama and tears and crap. Many people have kids and kids of multiples that dont get the life experiences that Kate and her kids get. They have had a far share. REDICULOUS> All i know is she isnt on my t.v EVER!!!!!!


I love Kate and her beautiful children. I did like John on the show he was soo funny but then he changed into this psycho that put down kate to anyone who would listen. I was really hopeing that they would get back together but I guess it's too late for that. They made a good team. I feel sorry for the kids, no kid should have to deal with having divorced parents.


@Jill. Your right! I do have alot of time on my hands. Being rich isn't easy. There is only so much you can spend your money on. Hair, facials, trips away, lunches, dinners, etc. Life is great isn't it. I'm so happy with my life and I am happy for other people when they suceed as well. But what I don't appreciate is when people put down others to make them feel good about themselves. That's really pathetic.


@anon. When a couple divorces that does make them a single parent f.y.i. If u need to talk to I am a licences therapist because you are going off at people who are expressing themselves just like you. But it seems you are taking it very personally and that frightens me, so just let me know what I can do to help. Sincerely.


@pak31 yes they did make a commitment to each other but when your husband cheats on you do you still honor that commitment? Just asking. Then we he leaves you and empty you bank accounts do you just sit there saying nothing.

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