Karen Sjoden Arrested for Trespassing at Ellen's, Obsessed with Hillary Clinton and Dolph Lundgren

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Karen Sjoden, a 49-year old who claimed she was working as a private investigator, was arrested early yesterday morning for trespassing on the property of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi.

Police say the woman was discovered hiding under cushions on the couple's deck at approximately 5 a.m., with a spokesman adding: "She was placed under private person's arrest and was transported and booked at BHPD for trespassing and prowling."

Kate Upton on Ellen

Bail has been set at $200,000.

Why such a high figure? Because Sjoden appears mentally unstable.

Authorities found a "rambling letter" on her person, one that referenced Hillary Clinton, Dolph Lundgren, Warren Buffet, telepathy and aliens.

Said Sjoden's daughter, Kayle, to Radar Online: "It doesn't surprise me about Ellen DeGeneres because she's mentioned people in her conspiracy theories before... no one took it seriously because she was never a harm to anybody. Now, it's obvious that she needs treatment for her mental issues."

In court yesterday, Sjoden told a judge "this is a set up," while claiming she worked for the investigation firm Blue Moon. That company says it has never heard of her, however.

Sources say Sjoden is "a drifter" who has been living with an aunt in Los Angeles. Kayle had not spoken to her mother in a couple of weeks when this incident occurred, but says "delusions" have played a role in her life for years.

"My aunt and I tried to help her, but every time we try she has run away because she doesn't think she's crazy. She's very convincing with what she believes."

Sjoden is due back in court on March 7.

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Dolph Lundgren? Nooo doubt... he's a baaaabe! lmao.. for an older man ahaha


Hahaha "telephaty and aliens"