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A women has a right to do what she wants with her body! You guys are just saying this crap because you dont like her and want to put her in the most negative light possible. Get over your selves. Would you like people telling you what to do with yourself?


Until a baby can survive outside the mother with no help it is no more another living person than your pinky finger. I have no problems with terminating pregnancies before that point, and I'm certainly glad this poor baby won't come into the world in these circumstances.


i kno...its selfish and disgusting how someone can just throw away a life barely starting for someone new....what if that happened to her when she was like that....i dont think she would like it bcz they have feelings too.....
i found this in the internet
STOP ABORTION!!! Kill sluts!


Hasn't this girl already admitted to haveing several abortions already? That is disgusting to create a life several times and have no qualms what so ever about going and terminating it. What a pig.

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