Kacey Jordan to Charlie Sheen: I'm Pregnant!

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Charlie Sheen just got the dreaded text message from Kacey Jordan.

One of his most notorious playthings says she is pregnant - hey, he always wanted a "porn family" - but luckily for Charlie, she does NOT think it's his.

Not that he's going to be on the hook either way. She's "taking care of it" ASAP.

The awkward text message Kacey sent him yesterday afternoon appears here:


After dropping the p-bomb, Kacey continued, "I don't believe it's yours, but I'm going to Oregon to take care of the situation." We're sure he feels relieved.

As for why Kacey Jordan thinks Charlie is in the clear? He used protection, BUT Kacey says both of them were so out of it she's not positive it did the trick.

These things happen during 72-hour cocaine benders. Don't you hate that?

According to sources, Kacey, who already aborted K-Fed's baby in the past, plans to terminate the pregnancy soon, and never heard back from Charlie.

Probably for the best. These two really don't need to be procreating.


Obviously you have different values than me if you believe in murder... I certainly don't.


Penny, yes a women can do what she wants with HER OWN body!!!! Last time I checked the body of this fetus is NOT Kacy's body it is the fetuses body! Therefore, she does not have the choice to kill the baby! She made the choice to have this freak infiltrate her vagina with his cocaine lathered sperm she made the choice to accept any consequences that come with that action (even if she was too fucked up to realize what she was doing at the time). Now that she has made these choices with her own body and created a new body she has the responsibility to give this new body the resources needed to survive (take it term, get an adoptive family, be done with it) then she can wash her hands of this whole mess and be back to her sluttish ways. She doesn't have to recognize how beautiful and miraculous small children are, I don't expect her to raise it herself (in fact I hope she doesn't) but, she has no right to take it out of this world!


lol @ kaitlyn: "read the bible, do something useful in your life" This might come as a shock to you, but I'm free to worship how I wish, and that means my set of values could *gasp!* differ from your values!


Sweet D how the hell is a fetus a parasite?????????????????????? Your logic is the worst thing I have ever seen! Who cares what it looks like? Because a small child doesn't look like an adult yet it never will be? This thing may not be what YOU would consider to be a human baby but it has the potential to be a human life and deserves that chance! so by that logic that is "not cute" then we should kill all people who you don't find to be attractive?? and by the logic that it is a parasite should we kill all people who depend on others in society for help/survival (remember that is all under 18, all disabled, all elderly, all in poor health, all with injuries, many war verterans etc) should we just kill all of those people because they need a little help to survive?? Yeah don't think you'll agree to that one (if you do you must be Hitler or something)


finishing my other comment 8 hours. It seems really unfair to me that they have to die while these Sl**s can get pregnant and repeatedly murder their children.
ABORTION IS WRONG THEY ARE ALIVE!! Look at basic science read the bible do SOMETHING useful with your life!


I agree with Penny & Skydiver completely!!! An early pregnancy is not a cute lil baby- rather it is a parasitical cluster of cells. I don't approve of late-term abortions because of the risks for the mother's health, but she still needs the freedom to choose.


Until it can survive on its own without help??? Your average 10 year old probably couldn't and there is NO disputing that they are people. Like all abortion supporters you logic is COMPLETLY flawed and despicable. Thus child deserves a chance at life no matter who's child it is. And you are right that a women can do whatever she wants to her body. Once she elects to F*** a million guys she has made the decesion that her body will carry a child to term. End of story. This is totally not at all for the best. Despite who the messed up parents are the child is still innocent. Plenty of people want kids and can't have them let one of them adopt the child. How is it fair that 2 of my baby cousins die before they get a chance to live (the parents carried them despite the health concerns) One was mscarried one lived for 8 ou


"for the best these two don't really need to be procreating"
FUCK YOU THG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS NOT FOR THE BEST THIS BABY DESERVES A LIFE SOMEWHERE (not with them but adoption is a loving and perfectly acceptable answer) killing an innocent child is NEVER for the best. And as for Kacy "taking care of the situation" is not a way to refer to an unborn child FUCK YOU TOO KACY!!!!! You already KILLED A CHILD not "took care of a situation" don't make the mistake again and don't bring harm to another innocent child, someone please take the high road here and chose adoption for the child
*I am skeptical about this story, how did THG get Sheen's private text messages, if it is fake YOU GUYS ARE ALL REALLY SICK LITTLE FUCKERS!!


She never wanted all this crazy attention? Bullshit,she was blabbing about her and Charlie Sheen to anyone who would wave a dollar in her face. Why in the world would anyone send a text like this to a person you don't really know and who you don't think is the father of the baby? She just wants tp keep her name linked to his.


She's a scank-a-saurus. She already aborted Kevin Federline's baby and now this one. And, those are the ones we KNOW about!! What a pig, but I am glad that a baby didn't have to be born from this gene pool. She obviously sold the story to TMZ, just so she could make the $$$ off of it. What a disgusting fucktard this whore is!! Go OD somewhere and take Charlie with you!! Him having 6 KIDS is enough in this world!! Sick rich fucks.....

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