Kacey Jordan to Charlie Sheen: I'm Pregnant!

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Charlie Sheen just got the dreaded text message from Kacey Jordan.

One of his most notorious playthings says she is pregnant - hey, he always wanted a "porn family" - but luckily for Charlie, she does NOT think it's his.

Not that he's going to be on the hook either way. She's "taking care of it" ASAP.

The awkward text message Kacey sent him yesterday afternoon appears here:


After dropping the p-bomb, Kacey continued, "I don't believe it's yours, but I'm going to Oregon to take care of the situation." We're sure he feels relieved.

As for why Kacey Jordan thinks Charlie is in the clear? He used protection, BUT Kacey says both of them were so out of it she's not positive it did the trick.

These things happen during 72-hour cocaine benders. Don't you hate that?

According to sources, Kacey, who already aborted K-Fed's baby in the past, plans to terminate the pregnancy soon, and never heard back from Charlie.

Probably for the best. These two really don't need to be procreating.


J, that is a completely different situation I am sooo sorry for your loss :(. I never said that someone who mercifully takes their child out of their suffering is a bad person and I do not believe you are a bad person you made the loving choice! I am disgusted with this freak for killing her own child just because she is too lazy to carry it. I have lost 2 cousins to health problems during pregnancies and both aunts have communicated how upset they are by people who just take raising their children and having their children for granted. I can't even imagine how much you must be suffering seeing someone lightly discuss making a choice repeatedly the tore your life apart! I am sooo sorry for your loss!


J that is a very good point. You didn't have a choice. Your baby had to die. Kacey has a choice and she is making the wrong one. Her choice is really unfair to people like you who REALLY wanted a child and either can't have one or lost one. I already talked about ym cousin's baby. My aunt also miscarried an 11 week fetus just a few months ago. She was really excited and the family was excited for the baby. It doesn't seem far that people like you have to suffer through the loss of a child while people like Kacey can just kill theirs. She should have more respect for people like you. :-) *virtual hugs*


My baby would have needed a heart transplant she was developing with only 2 ventricals instead of 4 so her chances were already an 70 to 80 percent chance of being still born so we stopped it It was really hard we already named her an by then i was so far along i had to deliver her an that was the worst part to see just a shell of a baby was trully heart breaking. i dont agree with what that idiot is doing thats so selfish an i cant believe she just says it so coldly.


But a pregnancy does benefit the host. If they only give it a chance they can get the greatest gift in the world. A child!


parasite: an animal or plant that lives in or on a host (another animal or plant); it obtains nourishment from the host without benefiting or killing the host.
sounds like pregnancy to you, brianna?


J that is a different situation than murdering you child for the sake of murdering it. That was a terrible situation for you and your child who wouldn't have survived anyway. My cousin had a similar situation. They would up carrying the baby only because it was not in any pain. He lived only 8 hours after birth. They said that it was the best 8 hours ever! They would have aborted it had the child been in pain but they decided that not to because it wasn't suffering. I wasn't putting you down, I was talking about people who just have random sex and then kill their kids after to cover up their issues.


J, there have been many cases where babies like that have been able to survive with improvements in medical technology, and I would personally not want to do it with my own hand. However, helping your child out of it's suffering is an understandable choice and I am sure you made the decision you truly believed to be best, that is understandable I do not fault you for it. The situation with Kacy is entirely different, her child is completely healthy and she is getting rid of it simply because she does not want to put the time or effort into carrying a child.


I don't understand how it is a parasite because it can not live outside of the womb. Believe it or not their are millions of GOOD non-parastic organisms living inside of your body at this very moment and if you got rid of them you would quickly die
parasite- a person who habitually lives at the expense of others
This baby is not "living at the expense of others" it is not harming Kacy in any way and she will not have to give up her life to raise it she just has to give it to a nice adoptive family and be done with it ( I am not at all suggesting she raise it or relate to it in anyway because that is incredibly harmful)


Until u have been faced with that option then u dont have anything to say. ive had 2 full term healthy babys an i have had an abortion. My baby was very sick in her heart an the doc told us she was going to do nothing but suffer so at 5 months we stopped the pregnancy it was the worst feeling in the world because i did it but in the long run she was going to be the one to suffer. i dont agree with getting them because ur a slut but if u need to like in my case then thats diffrent


Parasite because it is unviable outside the womb. You really are some piece of work briana. How you came to the Hitler conclusion is beyond rational logic...

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