Kacey Jordan to Charlie Sheen: I'm Pregnant!

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Charlie Sheen just got the dreaded text message from Kacey Jordan.

One of his most notorious playthings says she is pregnant - hey, he always wanted a "porn family" - but luckily for Charlie, she does NOT think it's his.

Not that he's going to be on the hook either way. She's "taking care of it" ASAP.

The awkward text message Kacey sent him yesterday afternoon appears here:


After dropping the p-bomb, Kacey continued, "I don't believe it's yours, but I'm going to Oregon to take care of the situation." We're sure he feels relieved.

As for why Kacey Jordan thinks Charlie is in the clear? He used protection, BUT Kacey says both of them were so out of it she's not positive it did the trick.

These things happen during 72-hour cocaine benders. Don't you hate that?

According to sources, Kacey, who already aborted K-Fed's baby in the past, plans to terminate the pregnancy soon, and never heard back from Charlie.

Probably for the best. These two really don't need to be procreating.


Hey all- this is not a soap box for you to spew all if your uneducated opinions on abortion. Honestly, it makes me cringe to read some of the stupid things posted here. Trying to sound smart but... stick to what you know.


If only KACY, @BRIANNA, & @KAITLYN had ALL been aborted, we wouldn't have this pointless conversation. Seriously, the best parts of all 3 of you dribbled down your mother's leg. HOW DARE U IDIOTS FORCE YOUR OPINIONS ON ANYONE ELSE. "go do something useful with your life!" Like preach on a gossip website? LOL.


The fetus is a PART of her body. And while its still in the early stages of pregnancy, its no more than an IT. Kacey has every RIGHT to terminate this thing. YES, its kaceys fault that this happened, but obviously this is HER life and NOT YOURS. She can do what she wants with her body. If she wants to whore herself out, then great! Because its HER BODY. Its people like you that disgust me because you think you can decide what other people can do with THEIR life.


J from the bottom of my heart I am so sorry for your loss. I can't even begin to imagine how you must feel. I am so very sorry.
Look people, abortion is a subject we will never chage each others mind on. It is however a womans right to choose. I believe it was Bill Clinton (correct me if I a wrong) who said abortion should be safe,legal and rare. If we were to educate more about birth control maybe the rare part could become true. We are all entitled to our opinion on abortion just as we are all allowed to choose or not choose to have one. We are not entitled to make that decision for others and outlawing abortion would do just that.


Jeez, enough already! Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course but we shouldnt try to ram our beliefs down other peoples throats. If she wants to get an abortion thats her choice, she may live to regret it later in life tho.


Are we even sure that this text message was really sent between Charlie and Kacey... it might just be a media concoction... you never know.


lol sarcasm.
Need me to write out the definition for that too?


Sweet D let me get this straight... murder is only murder when its murder? I never would have guessed. Well thanks but I'm so done talking about this. My IQ is dropping by speaking to you.


"its only murder when its murder murder"
oh okay, thanks for the clarification!


It's only murder when it's MURDER murder. That sums it up.

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