Kacey Jordan on Charlie Sheen Intercourse: An Okay "Ordeal"

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Forget being a Two and a Half Men man. Kacey Jordan now makes it clear: Charlie Sheen is a two and a half minute man!

For the second time in a few days, the busty porn star has opened up about her night of drugs and sex with the supposedly rehabbing sitcom star.

"It was okay," Jordan told E! News. "It didn't last very long... Because he was so f-cked up."

Saying Sheen made numerous "excuses" for his performance, Jordan described the intercourse as "a three-minute ordeal."

"After sex we just sat in bed and he held on to me," she added. "He was sloppy but still functioning, [he] wouldn't stop kissing my feet. He promised me he'd get me a Bentley."

Instead, she had to settle for a $30,000 check.


OMG that was funny!!


It's probably distracting to a guy when something is oinking into his ear.


If everyone would quit listening to what the white trash whore is saying. Why would anyone care what she says? The nasty slut took 30K from this obviously troubled man and is now flaunting that fact! It is disgusting that this country and its people lend credence to this loser. Charlie Sheen has some issues, yes. But this kind of talk is just appalling. And the fact anyone is listening is even sadder. I hope Mr Sheen gets the help he needs. He is a talented actor...and that should be enough information for his public. Good Luck, Mr Sheen.

@ beach bum

It seems like you worship money, that's your own toxic insecurities at work. Whatever. Charlie is the kind of person who has messed up several children at this point. Sometimes he is on point, like when he said that he's in Hollywood shouldn't change their name, they should be proud of it. That's about it. She on the other hand is a 21 year old who had been nothing to the world but a cum dumpster. She's legitimately troubled, he's got rich kid problems by comparison. There is a new kind if idiocy that is being pushed on us (this one up here is a prime example) it is that we are being trained to take sides rather than agreeing or disagreeing on principle. Ho vs. Charlie, kanye vs the white girl, white vs black, rich vs poor. It's to keep you stupid and short sighted.


once trash,, always trash


Most drunks are bad lovers.


LOL nice one BONER so true!! She needs to shut her pie hole already!

Wv peach

In the immortal words of Rick James, "cocaine is a helluva drug". Three minutes??!! Three minutes.....Damn, i can pee longer than that. LOL!


This girl sounds pathetic to me. She seems to think she's somehow important now that she spent a night (or 2 mins) with Charlie Sheen. Anyone want to take bets on how long it is before she starts whining and crying about the fact that people are judging her and calling her names (ya know,like stupid hooker)? I'm guessing that will start the moment the money from these so called interviews dries up. She needs to shut up,who cares about her and what she says? She was well overpaid for her time with Charlie Sheen.


Damn, As an Admitted Kacey Jordan Fan I'd pay to hit that but no where near 30,000 she is cute as sin! but not that cute I wish her the best, her porn stock should rise 10 fold if she continues to do it...


As we all know, Charlie likes BOOBS. So, what happened here? Girl must have hidden talent. HA!!! Interesting note: Charlie hasn't used his Twitter account for over a year (chucksheen) but, he was "following" Bree Olson 2 years ago... hummmmm.........!!!

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