Kacey Jordan May Have Aborted Charlie Sheen's Baby

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Charlie Sheen is rather casual about his life of cocaine, porn stars and partying. In fact, it's difficult not to find such a cavalier attitude humorous.

But the relaxed view on unprotected sex and abortion taken by Kacey Jordan - the adult film actress who texted Sheen a couple weeks ago, claiming to be pregnant - is less of a laughing matter.

In an interview with Radar Online, Jordan says she went through with an abortion last Thursday (her fourth such procedure) and the child may have belonged to Sheen.

Kacey Jordan on unsafe sex with Charlie Sheen: "I was just impressed he was able to finish."

"I went home to Oregon to have it because that is where I grew up. I was sick and on the couch all day," said Jordan. "I think it might have been too soon to be Charlie's baby, but you never know. I get pregnant very easily."

There are steps one can take to avoid that state, of course. Did Kacey and Sheen use a condom?

"Charlie and I tried to use protection... I kept having to put it on again. I don't want people to think I just had sex with him and didn't try to use one," she said, unaware that one doesn't receive an A for effort when it comes to intercourse.

Jordan adds that she had sex with a different celebrity a week prior to Sheen, but "I can't talk about him because I had to sign a release." The baby may have been his.


How sad!!! That baby was worth millions!!! $$$


@michelle: "See this is why abortion should be illegal. these stupid chicks use abortion as a form of birth control. my body my right"
You are so right, this is barbaric.


All prostitutes/aka porn stars should be spayed. Period. she has murdered 4 perfectly beautiful children and only 22 years old. I had an abortion once when I was 18 about 35 years ago and guess what? It was my only chance in life to have kids. Never conceived since so, yeah, there is a price to pay aside from approved murder, that's what they ought to tell people at abortion clinics.


FOUR ABORTIONS?! I am pro-choice, but this is ridiculous! Have your tubes tied off if you're gonna do it like this! Abortion should be rare. That means only one abortion IF EVER!!


This fly by night woman has all the morals of an alley cat.


If this girl told me the sky was blue I would not believe her. And,while it is her choice to have an abortion somehow I am not buying it. She may have done it before but it looks like she will say or do anything and everything she can think of to hold onto the 15 mins of fame (or infamy) she got for banging Charlie Sheen. No woman in her right mind would go and announce this shit to the world. Nor would they travel so far to get an abortion when they could do so right in their own state. I think this stupid bitch is making shit up in order to stay in the spotlight. And,if I am wrong,although I support a womans right to choose, shame on you Kasey!! You are a stupid,crazy bitch. If you cannot figure out how to not make babies when you have sex then keep your damn legs closed!! There are lots of ways to do so. And many do not invole problem condoms!! I suggest this idiot changes her name and goes and hide under a rock. She does not understand even the most basic of concepts.


How disgusted i would be if i were her mother! To use AB0RTI0N as a birth control is absolutely horrible. 4 abortions!? 0mg. Your body suffers after one abortion let alone 4. This girl needs to go see a PSYCHIATRIST!! And fast.......I can only imagine what celebrity she will latch onto next. What a puke.


See this is why abortion should be illegal. these stupid chicks use abortion as a form of birth control. my body my right ...my a**. abortion is something that should be taken seriously. women who have more than one abortion should be sterilized. i am not talking about abortions that are done because the mothers life is in danger. just the idiots who think it is a substitute for condoms and pills.

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