JWoww Regrets Jersey Shore Brawls With Sammi

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Time heals all wounds, and gives us perspective.

When it comes to reevaluating her time spent on Jersey Shore, Jenni "JWoww" Farley's says her biggest regret is throwing down with Sammi Giancola.

"I actually regret the fights that I did get in with Sam because I was in much the same position she was a few years ago," Farley said on Sirus radio Friday.

Jenni and Sammi

Referring to Sammi's relationship with Ronnie Magro, which reached its tipping point on the episode before last, JWoww is now more sympathetic.

"I had a boyfriend lie and cheat, and I did not believe my girlfriends when they told me," said JWoww, who also had her issues with Tom Lippolis.

Given that her most recent ex is trying to hawk JWoww nude pictures, she has her own problems. Fortunately, she won't take them out on Sam.

So basically, no more epic melees in the house like this ...


Um Jenni you were still NOT in the same situation. Your girlfriends TOLD you. They were your friends and they TOLD you. You were not Sammis friend and you didn't tell her, you wrote an anonymous fucking NOTE, put it on her bed and then denied you had anything to with it. To protect her cheating, lying boyfriend!!! Third of all your girlfriends didn't try to rip your hair of when you didn't believe them even though they did TELL YOU and didn'yt try to PROTECT YOUR BOYFRIEND. They were honest. You were not. You are such a fake bitch.


All you have to do to win a fight with that nasty bitch is to just pop those things she calls tits and game over!! Simple as that!


Good 4u JWOWW. It takes a mature person to admit when they were wrong. Hope u and Sammi become great BFFs.

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