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Like, uhm excuse me?! I ain't trying to start nothing, but I read the comment about mexicans crossing the boarder everyday......is that suppose to be some kind if racist comment? I ain't Mexican but even I think your comment is retarded. 'kay that was it, bye :)


@Sweet D
i kno right.....the only thing i liked about it was that he had a pic of him and selena:)



I'm not wanting a fight but I'm not fully understanding your response.

My point is that free health care in the United States is far more complicated an issue than it is in Canada. For one, you don't have Mexicans crossing your border every day to get in and get your free health care. As a matter of fact, the only reason why Canada's health care system works is because of all of the Americans that buy their discounted drugs in Canada.

PS - Canada sucks, I've been there plenty of times on business and nothing there makes me want to live there. It's cold, the people are generally boring, and there is nothing to do.


The amount of people living in a country certainly doesn't determine if it is the greatest country 'randyjacksonbutt' or not. Without going on the defensive, he was merely indicating that Health Care is better in Canada- and of course there aren't as many people in Canada as compared to the US, if you read what he actually said he was making a point that it is sad that people in the US have a lot of struggles financially in comparison with relation to health care needs. He is 16, give him a break EH! Canadians like room, we have a great amount of land mass but aren't all stuck like sardines, we like our space!


Maybe because they don't want to live in America because they think Canda is better?
And by the way, to get angry over something like health care is stupid. That's something of the best Justin Bieber said. A baby who is born premature should get the help it need without cost. Or if a baby is born with some kind of health problem and the parents can't afford to pay the hospital, it should still get help.
You can't say you are against abortion because it kills a baby and then say it's okay for a couple of new parents to take home a sick baby because they can't afford the bill just because there are 315 million people in the country. Very double standards.


On rape: "everything happens for a reason"

um...you're a dumbass, Justin Bieber!


Let me put this in perspective for you Beiber.

Canada's total population is roughly 33 million people. The USA's total population is 315 million people! There is quite a bit of difference in the amount of health care recipients there.

PS - If Canada is the greatest country in the world then why does it only have 10% of the population that the United States has? Riddle me that Batman.

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