Justin Bieber on SNL: Cute Cameo Alert!

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Justin Bieber completed one of the more packed media blitzes in recent memory this week by appearing on last night's edition of Saturday Night Live.

The 16-year old sensation, teetering dangerously close to overexposure as he promotes the February 11 release of "Never Say Never," stopped by for two segments:

  1. A skit with host Dana Carvey, in which the comedian reprised his role of "Church Lady" and flirted with the Biebs.
  2. A digital short with Andy Samberg, in which the pair mocked The Roommate.

Check each out below.

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I have always loved snl untill they started having people like Justin beiner on it.... Snl is soposed to be a classic... Justin beiner isn't.


SNL is always hilarious....but i pretty much always have to miss it....either im at a party or sleeping....i would of loved to see yesturdays.....not bcz Justin Wiener but bcz of all of the sketches(or whatever they're called???)