Justin Bieber Movie Reviews: Mostly Positive!

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Hey, did you hear that Justin Bieber is starring in a 3D biopic about his life? The singer hasn't been engaged in much publicity about the film, but it's true.

While it's likely that every teenager under the age of 18 has already pre-ordered tickets for the release of "Never Say Never," it should be encouraging to read that movie critics have given the flick mostly positive reviews. A handful of examples follow...

Bieber in Black

Though anyone who needs convincing won't touch this one with a 10-foot pole, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never makes a persuasive case for its titular star as a far more talented-than-usual teen idol. - Variety

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never may be the concert film as glorified promotional product, but it captures a genuine youthquake. - Entertainment Weekly

The surprising thing about the new behind-the-scenes documentary Justin Bieber: Never Say Never is that it should have appeal well beyond the star's young, adoring female fan base. - Box Office Magazine

An undeniably engaging musical portrait that delivers major bangs for the buck. - Hollywood Reporter

There's no scrimping on the Bieber here, but he's a curiously vague presence, obscured in the shadow of this monument to his brand. - Village Voice


Haters will always hate. It is a fact he is talented. He may
not have qualities you prefer in an entertainer, but there
is no denying he is musically gifted. He is after all just a kid
who is doing what he loves, and is very successful
and that upsets people. Love him or hate him, if you took
the time to look this up and comment on it he has had
an effect on you.


Look he did well but taylor swift is so much betta love you taylor swift


Cant wait to c it love u jb


I took my daughters and their friend to see this, was dreading it at first. However the movie was actually Good. Justin Bieber is a very talented young man and this movie shows you it all. Really what five year old can keep a drum beat like that? I think he is a natural born star. Kudos to his family for encouraging him to be the best that he can.


@freespirit114: yeahh uhmm...have you even SEEN him sing before he became famous? he can sing. have you even SEEN the movie? i do admit that it's annoying how he gets all the attention, but i got to admit that the guy its talented. well that's all i have to say. *rolls eyes* no i don't "love" you justin, but good luck with the movie. might see it, i don't know.




I think Ozzy said it best "What's a bieber?"


@patricia really? Best movie in the world? I'm guessing you are about 14,no? The review that called him a far more talented than usual teen idol may be the nicest thing to be said about him. The usual teen idol really can't sing,he sorta can. I don't get at all the big deal over this kid. His talent and/or looks (eww..looks not so great) are no better than anyone who came before him. He is just one more flash in the pan little teenie bopper who,in a few years will be doing just about anything to get into the public eye again. He is simply not so talented or special that he deserves all this hype. But he must have one hell of a public relations person to generate


Omgggg. I watched the never say never movie yesterday and it is the best movie in the world. I hink every1 should see this movie. Justin,scooter and ryan im so proud of all u went throught to make this movie and show us that dreams fo come true!!!! I luv u justin.... plz follow me on twitter(@pattyily4ev)!!!!!


For the life of me I don't get what anybody sees in this adolescent. The kid sounds like a girl and the idea of anybody kissing him about grosses me out beyond words.

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