Justin Bieber Movie Reviews: Mostly Positive!

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Hey, did you hear that Justin Bieber is starring in a 3D biopic about his life? The singer hasn't been engaged in much publicity about the film, but it's true.


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    hi justin bieber u r SO NICE U R SO BEAUTIFUL AND PRETTY SINGER I M A BIG SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BIG FAN OF U PLZ U READ THIS LINES "LAILAHA ILLALLAHU MUHAMMADUR RASOOLLULLAH " if u read this u live always happy and i pray u n selena gomes live always happy


    When i say da movie i was so inspired that even know he is 17 and has not been around that long has just set his whole life up around music i


    AWESOME! God has blessed him with incredible talent, come on sings great, plays drums, piano, guitar, and can dance. JACKPOT!


    OMG !
    theee moviie waas soo AWESOOME ! im goingg to watch it agaiin ! xD
    - i got bieber fever ;)


    It was a great movie....We loved it.....Rochester Hills, Michigan.....When are you coming to Detroit for a concert????? Mallory & Jane...


    I am not saying the little girls 16 yrs and younger would not like the movies just to see bieber.
    Although for anyone older than 16 age group I would have to say who in their right mind would want to sit for a hour or so and watch a bio about a 16 yr old who hasn't been around long enough to have a life of anything worth watching. From the reports on the movie that I read the movie is nothing but a lot of people bragging on Bieber. Which I don't understand since he brags on himself so much why would he need a movie to have someone else do it for him.
    I would rather sit and watch a bio of Obama's life who I don't even like. At least he has been alive long enough to have a life with something interesting to watch.


    Luv u Justin


    I really dont care about what all you haters think. What is it are you just mad because GOD didn't give you the talent that he gave Justin. Justin was born with talent and no one can take that away not even all you haters if anything that should make him stronger.


    I watched this movie yesterday to see what its about and honestly that kid has talent ever since he was just a little boy,why do so many people love to talk about him? That's what I don't get.if you don't like him then keep your comments to yourself instead of wasting your time on him.one thing that's given though is that he is very talented.


    oh god the xxx bits and the part when justin had orgies made me disgusted don't let your children watch this!!!!

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