Justin Bieber Haircut: The Official Debut

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Thanks to the magic of Twitter and the Internet, we've all seen Justin Bieber's haircut already.

But the singer officially goes public with the shorter 'do on Ellen, sitting across from the host and handing her a gift about which all women dream: a box of his own hair.

"We're doing something special," Justin says on the episode that airs today. "We want you to donate it to whatever charity you want," adding that many others will be receiving their own unique, follicle-laden present.

Justin Bieber on Ellen

It's a great move by the wildly popular artist. Multiple organizations will benefit from the softest, most gorgeous head Rick Fox has ever touched.

For more on the haircut, check out this edition of the THG Pulse:

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u people must be obsessed.I mean god his hair looks crazy.Every thing he dose people got to say somthing.


EWEWEWEWEWE i hate it, disguisingggg, ughhh i thinkk i might let go of himmm now :(


it does make her look better right!!!LMAO


I have to agree... The "new hair" does make her look better!!!


OMG!!!!!!!HE IS SOOOOOOO HOTTTT ...WE WANT YOU IN CROATIA JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......




ellen is gay she go with womens so everybody say lol???


I love him either way ill miss his old look but its new and i love this new hair(: i Love u J.B


omg i think i love both he needs to love it to couse i do.All of you should to couse who does not like new hair cuts ok.


WHAT A BABE!!:O loved the old hair more... but im starting to love this too :) xx

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