Justin Bieber Gets a Haircut!!!

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Major news out of the celebrity gossip world today: Justin Bieber got his haircut.

There's not much more to say on the topic, as the following photo was Tweeted within the hour. No caption accompanied the image, but fans across the world are chiming in on the elimination of this singer's bowl cut, as seen here:

Justin Bieber at the Billboards

Explained Bieber: "I just wanted a kind of a change, I didn't want to cut it all off, but I had had it for 3 1/2 years, I had just gotten sick of it, it was in my eyes, I didn't want it in my face, I just wanted to change it up."

Simply put, what do you think?


Lol! He looks like Hilary Swank in Boys Don't Cry!!! From the look on his face in that pic, he'd also be a very convincing Leona Helmsley!


He looks so much sexier now. It looks like sex hair. ;)


Now if he'd just stop wearing the lipstick...


15 minutes about up, Beeb.


LOL, he does look like a lil girl!


I bet that if he told MOST girls(excluding me) that it wasnt cool to breath,98% of girls in America would die.....although i would be one of the 8% LMAO!!!!!:P


@boner: yup,net page. LOL
It's a haircut, so what? I think people are too crazed over this kd. I'll bet if he talked about what time of day he takes a poop people would discuss it.


People,forget about Bieber! He should go cry now :D Go listen Sebastian Wurth from Germany - the candidate to be the Superstar in DSDS. http://www.rtl.de/medien/unter... He IS AMAZING!


hmmm.nice jb i love your haircut hmmm.love u justin bieber....


haha prefer the famous justin bieber style better but this looks cute too

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