Justin Bieber vs. Adam Sandler: And the Box Office Winner Is...

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Justin Bieber may be first in the hearts of countless of fans around the world. But the 16-year old icon finished second at the box office this weekend. By a hair.

Adam Sandler's Just Go With It earned $31 million on Friday and Saturday, just topping the $30.3 million haul of Bieber's Never Say Never. Still, Beliebers can take solace in how well the latter film was received by critics.

Perhaps if he had put Brooklyn Decker in his movie, Justin would be number-one...

Just go with it

Did you see Never Say Never this weekend? What did you think?

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Wow i watch this it was amazing justin i love you so much and i will fight for you


OMG! I loved Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. It was the best. I hope Justin makes another movie. I loved the part when you ate the donut from out of the trash can.


OOOOOOOH PWND! Hahaha! Go adam sandler! Suck it justin bieber!


OOOOOOOH PWND! Hahaha! Go adam sandler!


Dnt c it as but cant wait im a big bieber fan gooto love di dude


I give bieber 5 years most. He's gonna mature and look different but more importantly sound different. 5 years an he fades away an nobody hears about him again don't get me wrong hell have all the money he needs. But just think about all the young boys that lik his music.. Surely there's a lot of people more talented than him. He just took a chance and made it. But he's a product of the industry. People are making him and he's being advertised. His agents and producers and everybody who helps him is making more money then he is




I took my 2 yr old daughter Emma to see this movie and she and I both enjoyed. She knows all of his songs its to cute.


i vote for NEVERSAYNEVER!! Cause it makes me realise that the impossible things can be possible,u just have to believe in it :)