Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Pucker up: Caught on Camera!

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Consider it the peck heard 'round the world.

Following last night's Vanity Fair Oscars party, which featured the red carpet debut of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez as a couple, this pair exited the event and waited for their car to arrive.

As they did so, Justin leaned in and delivered to Selena something about which millions of girls around the planet have dreamed: a peck on the lips. It was as quick as it was cute. Watch, swoon now and and send in your best wishes to this adorable, official twosome:

The night before the big event, sources confirm that Jelena stayed in a penthouse suite at the St. Regis Monarch Beach in Dana Point, CA.

During their time at the five-star resort, the pair were "affectionate, cuddling and holding hands" while walling along the beach, a witness said.


i think their adorable together(: but what i think is messed up is that he was looking straight at the the camara while he was kissing her... lol but wont she get into some kind of trouble since he's technically 'underaged'? idunno just a thought,..


Aaawww!!!!hate justin,but wish them the best!:)


the flame is strong in here, we need a firefighter.


I hate Sel xDD ^^ love JB ;]


Arent they the cutest :) luv em togetha xx


Selena Gomez is probably the one who checked them in. She's almost 19 and I'd be shocked if she didn't have a credit card. I don't think it's a big deal. 17 isn't that much younger than 18 even though (prudish) people try to act like it is.


i thin k they should hae at least told the fans it sux nowing that they would lie to their fans


Well Selena is 18 years old... maybe she booked the penthouse... didnt think of that did you?


@Laura: I was thinking the same thing. As far as I know 17yr olds are not even allowed to chck into hotels you must be 18 and a lot of places require you to be 21. Guess if your a teen heart throb no one cares if your underage staying in a penthouse suite with your little girlfriend. But they should.


lol he's 17 and he got a 19 year old, he good man!! go beiber!

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