Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Make It Official

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We've seen them hold hands before.

And cameras caught them on a movie date in early February.

But Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez put to rest any remaining debate over their status by showing up together on Hollywood's biggest night. The 100% confirmed, official, adorable couple stopped on the red carpet and posted for pictures at the annual Vanity Fair Oscar party.

Turn away now, ladies, if you don't wanna see your dream man wrapping his arms around another woman. Both dressed in Dolce & Gabbana, you must admit: Justin and Selena look happy, don't they?

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Aawww!!!the make a cute couple!!!im happy for selena she finally found someone to make heR happy:)


i think their make a cute couple and i love her dress it is so amazing and she looks so pretty i am so happy for them an glad thier dating am a big fan of both of them. so she lookes amazing in that dress.but she so lucky she's dating justin bieber.


But, I gotta admit I'm SOOOOOOOOOO Jealous of Selena!


i love but she look like miley cyrus in her red dress and red lips


Selena really could do sooo much better!!! She is so gorgeous.. Beiber really?


These don't even know how to wipe their ass ....


they look really good 2gether n that jb lookes really good with hos new haircut n sealna is just so kool. they r so happy 2gethir.


well finaly!!!! such a cute couple
lol justin is finaly taller then selena :)


Awwww(: there soo cute together but i do admit im a little jelouse lol but there cute(: i love them both and i absolutly love Justin!!... I support them all the way..


Oh they are so cute but the hight thing is kinda funny though.

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