Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Make It Official

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We've seen them hold hands before.

And cameras caught them on a movie date in early February.

But Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez put to rest any remaining debate over their status by showing up together on Hollywood's biggest night. The 100% confirmed, official, adorable couple stopped on the red carpet and posted for pictures at the annual Vanity Fair Oscar party.

Turn away now, ladies, if you don't wanna see your dream man wrapping his arms around another woman. Both dressed in Dolce & Gabbana, you must admit: Justin and Selena look happy, don't they?

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[Photos: Splash News]

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init i don't like Selena to


loooooooooooool u must be joking Selena is ugly and i do want jb to be happy but Selena nooo and no one is haterz
i hate Selena sooooo much but i like jb


wow didn't u say i hate Selena and now u r saying u like her wow


ok, all you jealous people, stfu & gtfo, justins happy, if you actually liked him, or his music youd want him to be fucking happy, selenas far from ugly so dont be so rude about them. pce haterz


heyy lil u joined in cool why do u hate Selena i like her, her and justin are sooo cute


yyhh don't go out with Selena go out with Debby Ryan i lkie herr i watched the movie 16 wishes is gooood i like it what lil it saying is rigth soo do get over Selena


lool Selena Gomez is just moist i hate Selena Gomez and jb she is soooooo ugly, jb thing u should go out with Debby Ryan she is pretty nad she is young then u one year not like Selena, Selena is older then uuuu jb and i thing that is the wrong choice for uu


LOOOOL eww dats gassed up why is justin bieber gunna date selena she's some next golddigger wtf and she's older than him dats just so moist as long as jb is date-in selena count me out i don't wunna be a fan anymore :/ cuz i have alwayz hated selena and yes i am one of the selena gomez haterz so wot!!!


sorry jb but Selena Gomez is just moist and i think u should find someone that is u age not Selena Gomez like Debby Ryan


who like Selena Gomez, Selena Gomez is older den jb she is 18 year old and jb is 17 nahh he should be older. she breaked up with nick jonas and Taylor Lautner i like selena but she's to much. she just whant ppl to know her more i think she doesn't like jb. :)