Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Make It Official

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We've seen them hold hands before.

And cameras caught them on a movie date in early February.

But Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez put to rest any remaining debate over their status by showing up together on Hollywood's biggest night. The 100% confirmed, official, adorable couple stopped on the red carpet and posted for pictures at the annual Vanity Fair Oscar party.

Turn away now, ladies, if you don't wanna see your dream man wrapping his arms around another woman. Both dressed in Dolce & Gabbana, you must admit: Justin and Selena look happy, don't they?

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[Photos: Splash News]

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Im jealous but one thing i hate selena gomez please jb live selena gomez ,selena gomez you going to lose justin bieber hot guy i love jb


Not a HUGE fan of either of em but seriously if you hate someone so much, that you've NEVER met why are you trolling on forums and stuff? If you like one but not the other, say nice things about the person you like, not just hating on celebrities that you 'hate'... you're probably just jealous xD x


Big head finally got a date.


i was first jelous of them but they suit each other i rather selena than any other girlfriend justin had also i think it might last only two months or a year and then he gets another girl its there life they have to know wat they want number 1 fan justin and selena


Not a Selena fan but hey Bieber get it in LOL. Just kidding don't, she's already 18. the pedo.


noooo cozz i hat Selena sooo much


init whoever is lil stop it


u guys stop saying that to Selena i like Selena she is cut and u lil stop meaning mean to her and justin likes her to that is his love life soo stop it, and they look soo cute i lve both




LOL IN IT Selena Gomez moist