Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Hold Hands, Go Public

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have gone public with their relationship.

Granted, these two were snapped getting awfully cozy on a yacht last month. But those were candid pictures.

And, yes, we watched videotaped evidence of the duo on a movie date a couple weeks ago. But friends of the opposite sex have been known to attend films together without any romantic entanglements involved.

This finally ends all discussion that Bieber and Gomez are merely pals, though. The singers, well aware of the cameras around them, held hands as they strolled along Santa Monica pier yesterday. There was some serious eye-gazing going on, as well...

Adorable Hand Holders

Please, Beliebers, do not threaten the life of Selena Gomez over this photo [Pacific Coast News].

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Selena why are u dating justin your older than him


I love you so much justin bieber i cant say any thing to jb and selena gomez this is so crazy


selena gomez is to cute for him . justin bieber dont deserve her


i think selena gomez and justin bieber are a great couple if i were her i would be a very lucky girl


hey gossipgirl JUST LIKE YOU.


you guys are just jellis that selena gomez is dating justin bieber its just messed up that u guys are wrighting mean and roud comets about them.Justin bieber should date who ever makes him happy same thing with selena gomez i think they r a great couple and i think that selena gomez is a very lucky girl and so what if shes older and hes younger than her BIG DEAL.


this girls ar all crazy liv sg in peac we ar happy is what we want to be happy, better go n sleep. lov her u ya


yeah.right selena does need to get a life,i mean from nick to justin.i hope justin realises soon that selena just wants to use him as a puppy!!selena what she is doing aint "cool"


I LOVE YOU Justin Bieber


i hate Selena,Selena is just mosit girl Selena goo back to nick

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