Jon and Kate Gosselin: Proud of Expelled Kids

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Jon and Kate Gosselin are proud of troubled kids Alexis and Collin and hope that the duo can return to school later this year following their recent expulsion.

Kate is thrilled with the progress the pair have made while home schooled and Jon concedes that Kate has done a good job getting the two back on track.

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Recalcitrant Collin and Alexis were expelled from their private Pennsylvania school last year after they were allegedly abusive to other children ate school.

Those were the days ...

Jon and Kate are still at odds over many things - namely Kate's global adventures with the kids - but both believe the home-schooling is ready to end.

“Kate is very proud of the way the home schooling has gone – both Alexis and Collin argue less and understand what they did wrong," says a source.

“Jon is also pleased with what Kate has done to get the kids back on track academically and would love them back to school with the rest of the kids."

“He’s really happy and feels that they are better behaved in public now and are more responsible with doing chores and tasks around the house too."

“Alexis and Collin are no longer fighting with their nannies as often when they are told to do something or are asked to get ready for bed either.”

It remains to be seen if the school will take the Gosselin kids back, but may consider it so around September if the childrens’ attitudes improve.

Both Alexis and Collin received three full weeks of intensive special treatment in an attempt to focus their behavior before they were expelled.

When they were originally expelled, it caused a real rift between Jon and Kate but they have become united in their support for the kids since.


You know, I really liked the show when it was about a struggling family with multiples. I grew up in a large family with little money and Jon and Kate Plus 8 reminded me in some ways of that. What the show has become is not at all that. Kate has become more self centered and egotistical. She is a hard woman to live with, and I am sure in some ways she drove Jon away. I am not saying that he handled leaving her well, but I think he was driven away. I really grieve for the children, and hope that with the ending of the show things will become more normal for them. Best wishes to all...


When are jon and kate gosselin reurning to tv or kate gosselin retuning?


Copperhead* if In vitro were illegal think of women who have a hard time getting pregnant is that fair for them NO!!! I do believe there should be a screening process for any couple who are interested in Invitro, its not for every family.
As for the show! Its their business they are foolish to put it out there for the whole world to see. They love them kids you can tell but they don't have to be on tv to support them....they both had great Jobs Before and while she was expecting
They are no better then any other family out there Can't afford to do everything or have every matrial item you want guess what that's what happens when u have kids you sacrifice,Get a second Job to help But most of all LOVE your family keep your kids
Close and treat them well....
I can only pray to one day hold My child and express my love for Him (or her).


chebus since ur on spelling spell NIGHT right


Ah the price of fame and In vitro fertilisation. I am soooo happy that they are fading away into Oblivion. She needs to make millions to support her kids?...WTF...She is an RN and there all kinds of nice paying jobs out there. In vitro should be outlawed because of crap like this. Look at Octo Mom...


Dean - "Kate has done everything possible to keep their school life and private friendships away from the press." In whose world? I use to be a Kate fan, until she made an ass of herself on Sarah Palin's Alaska. It became very clear then that to her, her needs, wants and desires were tantamount to everyone else's, including her children who were learning much while having a ball as she whined about being cold and wet. When she told those kids, "If you're Gosselins come with me, if you're Palins, you can stay." I wanted to slap her. Until she stops taking the money she earns by prostituting those children to the public via TLC for $900 haircuts plus expensive manicures and pedicures, halter tops and short shorts and thousand dollar heels for herself, she deserves no respect from anyone because that money should be ALL for the children. PERIOD.


I can't imagine the two returning to their old class. I expect that the other children will tease them and that they will respond back. I wonder how the other kids did when they returned to school following their trip to Australia/NZ and bragged about it to the others. I can't imagine any of the kids having an easy time at school.


Hey folks, it wasn't Kate that leaked the info about these kids to begin with. It was Jon! Kate has done everything possible to keep their school life and private friendships away from the press. Divorce causes many children to have anger issues. Imagine such a large family with so many little ones. We need to quit blaming Kate and give her credit for providing stability and income for this little tribe of kids! The daddy still is not working and providing NO child support.


DYSFUNCTIONAL PARENTS = DYSFUNCTIONAL KIDS It's their own damn fault for not taking responsibility for their kids own actions. Consquences come when kids misbehave and get out of hand especially at school. Watch out the parents of the victims are gonna sue the Gosselins for bullying. Also homeschooling is unacceptable, kids need to socialize and have a structured schedules. When are Kate and John ever gonna wise up and take discipline matters in their own hands.


Kate and Jon Gosselin are pathetic parents. What kind of parents deny their children privacy to grow up. Kate Gosselin has allowed TLC to film her children for 6 long years. How horrible to have the entire world know you were expelled for aggressive behaviors at age 6! Both of these parents need some serious monitoring regarding the well-being of their children. It looks like they are both incapable of making decisions for the appropriate welfare of their children. Paul Petersen (A Minor Consideration), please help the Gosselin 8.

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