John Wayne Schulz: An American Idol Cowboy

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He has the name, the look, the story and the sound. John Wayne Schulz is a real, American cowboy.

Or, following last night's audition in Austin, we should say: a real, American Idol cowboy.

The 23-year old - who released an album on an independent label when was was 14 - wowed judges and viewers with his rendition of "Believe." As part of a family that has goes back to 1857 in Texas, Schulz ropes cattle for a living and dedicated his performance to his mother, who was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago. Watch now.

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My wife and I saw him on the audition. We were watching for him but didn't see anything about him last night on the Hollywood show. What a terrific kid and family. Did he make the cut last night???


um hes HOT he can be my idol anyday.. yummy


i actually can sing thank you and im not pointing out john in particualr in ANY way. he seems like a great dude. i was just stating every "hopeful" that THG has posted about this show has some life altering story. oh and barbara.....ill take LESSONS from this guy when you learn how to spell it correctly. Its not jealousy. just stating the facts.


wow! some people are some insensitive assholes! i think that it's touching he's doing this for his mother. wow... people are so UGH!


wow are yall forreal just shut up! his mom has cancer yall should pray for her. and he has a awsome voice. its just jealousy with yall because yall cant sing like him


I always disliked Idol for the sob stories need to cuss however. However, I've known John for a long time and know that he is the real deal. He is a great guy who loves his family and is hard working. Plus, he really did enter American Idol as a favor to his mother. He is not a pompous, proud 23 year old, as so many are today. It may seem too good to be true, but believe me...he is a great guy. If anyone deserves to win American Idol and be idolized by millions of children, he would definitely have my vote. Who wouldn't want their kid to turn out like him?


I think it is just that everyone has a sob story in life... everyone knows or has been touch by someone with cancer etc.. they just seem to tell the story. Yes of course that grabs your attention... what tv show doesn't use something to that effect? Point is ... this guy is truly talented.


I hate sob stories too,but the truth is he can sing,and he sings beauiful,You people are just jealous and mad because he is wonderful,and Beauiful and has the total package,you could take lessions from a guy like him!!!


This kid is an awesome singer! I hope he goes all the way. His mom's cancer has nothing to do with his talent. American Idol feeds off the sob stories to try and make their show better, to try and make the viewers connect to the contestents and show they are real people too! I hope he goes all the way. He deserves it!