John Mayer Heckled Over Douchebag Tendencies

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John Mayer is a douchebag. It's no surprise that the general populace is beginning to treat him as such - especially ladies fed up with his antics.

A source who recently spent time with the singer tells Us Weekly that he got berated on the street that night for how he's treated ex-girlfriends.

"Girls came up and yelled at him, saying he was a horrible person," says a source of Mayer, whose list of dubious antics is not exactly short.

Douche on the Mic

This is a man who once decided to hold an impromptu press conference with celebrity gossip photographers to discuss his split with Jennifer Aniston.

This is also a man who famously referred to another ex, Jessica Simpson, as "sexual napalm" and likened boning her to a crack cocaine addiction.

Women are not fans. Continues the source, "Girls asked how he can treat women this way. People would tell him exactly what they thought of him."

Now the lame crooner says he is looking for "a new team to manage his image," adds an insider. "He wants to change people's perspective on him."

Here's a free tip: More singing. Fewer musings on masturbating.

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Honestly he has said and done some dumb stuff, but who hasn't? He has definitely taken responsibility and gotten punished for it. Articles like this are the perfect example. Bad publicity is one of the worst punishments for celebrities, and he's suffered the consequences and is trying to start anew while still being the outspoken guy he is.


Not only is he a douchebag hes a disgusting human being. Not only did he make nauseatin comments about his ex girlfreinds but he also offended an entire group of people. Im bi-racial so im sure his penis only hates half of me. Not to mention his use of the nw*rd. Hes just a ridiculous person with no morals, standards, heart or feelings. I use to be a HUGE fan. Id play contiunuim with my dad all the time before that article came out. Its just sad how so much talent can be found in a racist useless hateful disgusting body like his. He can take his fender strat and shove it up his a**.


He'll mellow out and get me. It may take 20 years,but he will.


No one on this earth is perfect or without flaws. Yes, he's made mistakes, just like everyone else on this beautiful green earth. Everyone changes. John is trying to change. He's a phenomenal person and musician. Time to stop judging everyone, especially if you don't know him. That's so 2000's. It's not our place to pass judgement on others. God knows his heart and soul. End of story. XO


The man is a dog. He not only kisses and tells, he kisses and tells the WORLD. Why any woman would come within 10 feet of him is beyond me.


Wrong. The guy has acted a fool & has said humiliating things about people publicly. I have every reason to have an opinion about that. So I guess nobody bares any responsibility when they act like an idiot??? If you do it; own it.


John said and did some things that can't be understood, maybe not even to him. With that, he is still a good person and he respects women just as much as the next guy. He needs to be left alone. No one knows why those relationships didn't last and it was his right to end them. I'm not agreeing with how it did it, but no one has the right to continue to judge him. Move on...please!