John Galliano Declares: I Love Hitler!

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On Friday, John Galliano was suspended as the chief designer by House of Dior, as a couple in Paris complained that this fashion guru assaulted them with racial and religions slurs.

Specifically, patrons at a bar called La Perle told authorities that Galliano hurled anti-Semitic insults in their direction, a charge the designer's lawyer "formally denies," adding: "legal action will be taken against those making such accusations."

This allegation may now be harder to deny, however.

In a newly-released cell phone video, posted by Great Britain's The Sun, Galliano slurs his words and tells a woman: "I love Hitler. People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be f---ing gassed."

When asked where he's from, Galliano replies: "Your asshole."

Under French law, the stating of anti-Semitic remarks qualifies as "incitement to racial prejudice." It's a criminal offense that can carry a sentence of up to six months in prison.


Maybe he is aiming for the Natzis market.
now he can find rednecks to rape his sorry ass.


he probably did come from an asshole, because he's a piece of shit.

Wv peach

I bet if Dior fired him and the couture world completely rejected him, his weirdo ass would act like he has sense. This behaviour exemplifies the detachment from reality Galliano has.....look at his clothes! What a douchebag.




It is not to Mr Gallianos advantage to support such an ideology; he himself will be one of the first to go to those'gas chambers'; is it not.Besides, I doubt wether hitlerian art would appriciate his creativity; most probably be labeled as decadent; what a pity; people making wrong choices all the time


When you are a public figure...every freaking word that comes out of your mouth is liable to ruin you. So, whatevs...ya made your bed, now lay in it!


My grandfather and many many others risked everything so that this ungrateful tool can design women's clothing.


Is he auditioning for a remake of Arthur?

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